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Fast & Furious 9 Review

Yep, they made another one. Rating: 4/10, but really a 9/10 because we all know what we’re getting. Phenomenal. Superb. Incredible. Wonderful. These are words

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Avid Group Christchurch

Avid Group Hub Launch

by Ben Selby We all love cars, right? It doesn’t matter whether we are the proud owner of a million-horsepower carbon fibre supercar, or a

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Gyeongbokgung Palace

Young and old Seoul

BMW NZ asked if I’d be keen to head to Seoul, South Korea for an M-Sport experience, of course, I said yes. But, aside from

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BMW New Zealand

BMW’s Lap of luxury

It’s always a plus when your BMW media invite begins with ‘Meet at Mechanics bay.’ This location generally means a Helicopter ride to an event

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Gone in 60 seconds

Gone in 60 Seconds

by Ben Selby Any millennial car fan is bound to have seen at some point, the 2000 Jerry Bruckheimer produced turbocharged action film, Gone in

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Brian Dewil and Ola car

Holla for an Ola

If, like me, you thought rideshare app Ola was a recent NZ start-up built to follow on the coattails of Uber, think again. We got

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