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We write about cars, experiences, lifestyle and living life to the fullest! All videos, text, imagery and everything else on there is our intellectual property unless otherwise disclosed. It takes a lot of time and effort to create this content so please don’t steal it, but we do love citations and links from other sites so do give us credit if you use our content.

We do our utmost to ensure all information on this website is accurate, but in the unlikely event that we’re wrong, it is absolutely unintentional, we’re embarrassed it happened and, most importantly, we do not accept any liability for anything whatsoever if you use information from this site and suffer a loss or inconvenience of any description.

Also, this website runs on a popular CMS that is a piece of software on the interwebs. Computers break, software fails, hackers and other unsavory bots and characters are ever-present and can ruin everyone’s enjoyment at any time. We take all the precautions we can and know how to do to protect our site, but, again, if we fall victim of the global army of arsehats that are out to ruin everyone’s good time, we do not accept any responsibility for that either.

So, in short, use this website entirely at your own risk. This applies to all imaginable and unimaginable scenarios and circumstances in the universe (and any parallel universes they may be).

This website is here for your enjoyment and information. We sell nothing so we do not collect information about you. We have Google Analytics on this site, which uses cookies and it is used to ascertain how many visitors we get and where how they have found us. You can control the Google Analytics cookies in your browser settings.

If you have any questions about this at all… Google it.

Updated by our very expensive legal team on 12 March 2020.

Oh yeah, and there’s some links on this website, we’re pretty sure, that take you to third party sites. We’re not taking responsibility of the content and service on those sites either. So there… consider yourself told. #micdrop