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Nissan Celebrates 90th Anniversary in the Virtual World

As celebrations continue for Nissan’s 90th anniversary, the brand has announced four new worlds in the metaverse. Nissan Crossing Gallery first launched in 2021 on VRchat, allowing the brand to expand its online engagement with customers and fans alike.

A look into one of Nissan's worlds in the Metaverse. Image depicts three Ariyas at one of Earth's magnetic poles.
The world depicted above, plays on from Nissan’s famous ‘Pole to Pole’ Expedition in the Ariya

Further adding to that, the new worlds include the brand’s 90th anniversary logo, among other features. Users can interact with Nissan’s history, viewing many heritage cars including some classic Skylines as well as test driving the Tama electric vehicle from 1947! The more recent all electric Sakura minivehicle can also be driven around.

As we are approaching Christmas time, the entrance to each world will also include special festive themed decorations for a limited time!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Nissan Media Global.

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