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We love creating content. Whether it’s cars, fashion, gadgets or lifestyle, Tarmac Life has been a labour of love for many years and we’ve grown. In the past year or so, we’ve grown a lot.

What started as a motoring blog four five years ago is now a trusted source of lifestyle news written in New Zealand for Kiwis who love the better life.

Now, we’re content creators and car nerds; probably the furthest thing away from ad sales people in the world. We have zero interest in selling ads so we’ve handed this part of it over to Hilltop Media; a super-cool bunch of media pros up on the Waitakere Hills. We’re not The Herald and Hilltop is not FCB; it’s a marriage made in Kiwi heaven and you might actually get some value out of your advertising spend! #meow (We know every marketing manager out there gets it.)

Why advertise with us?

So our traffic volumes are nowhere near what the large commercial publishers command, but our traffic is extremely high quality. Over 96% of our website traffic is Kiwi traffic (#churbro) (96.2% over past 90 days according to Google Analytics on 4 December 2020) and our bounce rate is under 38%. Depending on the day, we hover between 600 and 900 visitors per day and we’re super proud to have reached this level.

Our content is authentic Kiwi content that people love and our topics cover the better end of the scale from new cars to best restaurants and latest tech.

We don’t spy on our visitors so if you need micro-targeted audience-based programmatic advertising, this is not for you. We will not slow our reader experience with trackers, cookies and endless pixels because the Tarmac audience will always come first.

This also means our rates are much lower than those of the big publishers. We’re happy to guarantee impressions and CTR for your ads.

Okay, how do I get my ad up?

Easy. We’ve joined up with another Kiwi as partner called Hilltop Media so we can carry on creating content while the media experts deal with the commercial side of things. This also ensures an arm’s length relationship between our writing and any money changing hands so don’t even try to get a mates rates deal through any of our writers.

Also, if you’re a charity, school, community group, a 10-year-old entrepreneur selling your own made lemonade (you get the idea), get in touch and we’ll advertise the $h!t out of your cause/fundraiser/kid-business for free if we got space (and look around, we got space).

Visit to enquire about our super low rates and book your ads.