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We love creating content. Whether it’s cars, fashion, gadgets or lifestyle, Tarmac Life has been a labour of love for many years and we’ve grown. In the past year or so, we’ve grown a lot.

What started as a motoring blog four years ago is now a trusted source of lifestyle news written in New Zealand for Kiwis who love the better life.

We’ve never offered advertising before and we’ve been hesitant to enter this space because this site has never been about making money and we believe that is one of the reasons our viewers keep coming back for more.

That said, we started to reach the limit what our original hosting package could offer and our traffic volumes are now such that what was a $100 per year hobby is now costing quite a bit more than that in technology alone. So we’ve opened up our site for advertisers.

Why advertise with us?

We’re not The Herald or Stuff. Our traffic volumes are nowhere near what the large commercial publishers command, but our traffic is extremely high quality. We don’t advertise ourselves, so all our traffic is either referral, search or just plain habit to keep coming back.

Our content is authentic Kiwi content that people love and our topics cover the better end of the scale from new cars to best restaurants and latest tech.

This also means our rates are much lower than those of the big publishers. We’re happy to guarantee impressions and CTR for your ads.

Okay, how do I get my ad up?

Easy. Talk to your favourite media agency and they should be happy to facilitate your advertising with us. If you don’t have a media agency, talk to Hilltop Media at to enquire about rates and book your ads.

You can also log into your Google Ads account and place your ads there. That said, we make a LOT more money on direct advertising so if we can sell the ad spot direct, we’ll pull that Google ad faster than a Veyron gets to 100 km/h!