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Following its debut in the United States, Canada and France, theaters in Italy will screen ‘Race for Glory- Audi vs Lancia’ come March 14th! The movie describes the story that took place at the 1983 World Rally Championship (WRC), that featured a monumental battle between the Audi Quattro and Lancia 037.

Team Lancia was led by Cesare Fiorio and featured German driver Walter Rohrl, who led the 037 to victory, making it the last rear wheel drive car to achieve the feat. To this day, Lancia still remains with the record of having the most number of victories in the sport! Steeped in motorsport history, Lancia have won 15 WRCs, three Endurance World Constructors’ Championships, a 1000 Miglia, two Targa Florios and a Carrera Panamerica!

Photo of a Lancia 037 during the 1983 World Rally Championship.
Lancia 037 was the last rear wheel drive car to win WRC

This film comes at a critical time for the brand as this is “the year when the Lancia brand restarts, thanks to Stellantis” says Cesare Fiorio. Brand CEO, Luca Napolitano is equally as enthusiastic about film’s release and its flow-on effects for the marque.

Italian actor Riccardo Scamarcio during the filming of Race for Glory, Audi vs Lancia.
Italian actor Riccardo Scamarcio plays Lancia team boss Cesare Fiorio

‘Race to Glory, Audi vs Lancia’ features Riccardo Scamarcio as Fiorio, Daniel Bruhl as his opposite number, Roland Gumpert and also includes stars like Volker Bruch and Haley Bennett. Directed by Stefano Mordini, the filming took place in several Stellantis locations including the Balocco Proving Ground, Lancia skyscraper and Mirafiriori offices! A Lancia Rally 037 from Stellantis’ Heritage Hub also featured in the film.

This is a cinematic treat for car enthusiasts and for those even more keen to learn about the battle between Audi and Lancia in 1983, Jeremy Clarkson has also done a short film on the same:

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Stellantis Media Lancia.

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