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You Can No Longer Order a Maserati MC20

The successor to the famous MC12 supercar, Maserati’s new MC20 was met with great fanfare when it was first released and that has translated directly into orders!

Maserati's gorgeous MC20
Maserati has still got it!

The allocated cars for the Australia and New Zealand region are officially sold out now. Maserati made it clear that their $390,000 supercar would be coming to both markets, an announcement that was much anticipated by local Maserati fans.

The stunning silhouette of the MC20
The MC20 cuts a sharp figure

Unlike more traditional Italian supercars, the MC20 will not use a V12, V10 or a V8 engine. Instead, Maserati are opting for a Ford GT style layout to power their supercar. The twin turbo 3 litre V6 is set to put out 470kW and 730Nm of torque. Crazy stuff! Maserati says that this V6 powerplant will catapult their MC20 from 0-100 in 2.9 seconds.

If you thought that wasn’t enough then get this, Maserati says a fully electric version is in the works as well! That only means one thing, a faster 0-100 time though I’m not sure about trusting Maserati with that much electrical work.

The stunning interior of the Maserati MC20
How about that for an interior!

The limited run MC20 is set to hit our shores late next year but with the immense popularity it has seen so far, could Maserati be planning to expand their orders? Only time will tell.

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Words by Matthew Dsouza, pictures courtesy of Maserati Media Worldwide.

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