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Utter Joy – 2024 Mazda MX-5 GT Review

It seems like just about every year we get a refreshed Mazda MX-5. This is certainly not a bad thing, as every time this happens, we are reminded just how good the MX-5 and has been since the first edition, the NA, first turned a wheel in 1989. Where do we start? Its mechanical simplicity, […]

Xpression of Power – 2024 MG4 XPOWER Review

Make no mistake, the MG4 is one of the best value EVs out there. So those of us in the specialist motoring press took a keen interest when MG announced the ultimate version of the MG4 would touching down on New Zealand shores. Called the MG4 XPOWER, it’s the most powerful MG4 there is right […]

Limited Edge – 2024 Toyota C-HR Limited Review

It’s nice when one has the oppourtunity to compare different spec levels of the same car. Such was the case with the new Toyota C-HR. Recently it was the GX and then it was time for the Limited to get the same treatment. The C-HR has been a bit of a success story for Toyota […]

The Final Act? – 2024 Lexus LC500 Coupe Review

There are some cars out there which really get under one’s skin. It can be difficult to describe to some extent, but all car buffs out there have a handful of cars they could happily picture being parked in their garage. For me, one such car is the Lexus LC500, one sporting GT which left […]

Tanks For Everything – 2024 GWM Tank 300 Ultra Petrol Review

Sometime it’s great to really wind people up. For example, recently I was asked what car I was testing and I was able to respond with, “yeah I have a Tank at the moment.” The responses to this statement ranged from disbelief to genuine surprise. However, these are quickly scuppered when the penny drops that […]

Seal of Approval – BYD Seal Performance Review

Fur, Elephant, Leopard, Weddell and Hawaiian Monk are all breeds of Seal or Sea Lion. Now, there is a new bloodline of Seal whose habitat is not the west coast of the United States or the icy depths of Antarctica, but rather highways, back streets and urban settings instead. Yep, it’s the new BYD Seal […]

Mr T wants his van back – BMW XM Label Red review

BMW XM Label Red review NZ

There has been a seemingly endless stream of fun being poked at BMW’s most powerful M-Sport creation, the XM SUV. From its polarising design to whether a PHEV should wear an M-badge. But I’m here to say that despite its A-Team van looking profile, the BMW XM Label Red is quite simply, outstanding. Limited to […]

Emission Impossible – Fiat 500e Icon Review

It was only matter of time before Fiat gave us an all-electric 500. If any Italian city car/fashion item was to get the zero emission treatment, it was going to be this one. The 500 has always exhibited all the fundamentals which make for an ideal template for an urban electric run around. You only […]

Flexus Lexus – Lexus RX500h F-Sport Review

The new Lexus RX is quite a thing in terms of refinement and frugality. The fact this premium luxury SUV has been such a strong seller for the luxury arm of Toyota since inception in 1998 is testament to it being a very well sorted all-rounder. Now into its fifth generation, the RX is hybrid […]

Eco Luxo Lex – Lexus RX350h Limited Review

Last year was a big year for Lexus, with the combined New Zealand dealer network selling a record 1309 units, vastly eclipsing the previous 2022 record of 1,023 cars. Lexus say 2024 is likely to be another great year for the brand. With the incoming introduction of Road User Chargers for BEVs and PHEV vehicles, […]