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Italian Stallions – Maserati Grecale Modena and Trofeo review

Maserati Grecale review NZ

(Not so) hot on the heels of the Levante which was launched in 2016, comes the all new Maserati Grecale. It’s slightly smaller than the Levante, but it too has been named after a Mediterranean wind (a tradition that dates back to the ‘60s), oozes Italian flair and a huff and puff that’ll blow your […]

Ride like the wind – Maserati Grecale first drive

Maserati Grecale review NZ

As with the many of their nameplates as far back as the ‘60s, prestigious Italian automotive brand Maserati’s all-new Grecale is named after a famous Mediterranean wind. But more importantly, whichever model you find yourself behind the wheel of (GT, Modena or Trofeo), this terrific SUV is like riding a tornado.  The Grecale may be […]

King Trident: Maserati MC20 Review

It really has been sometime since Maserati gave us a bespoke supercar. Decades in fact as it happens. While the MC12 hyper car launched in 2005 was a force to be reckoned with both on and off the track, it was essentially a road going racing car. Plus, a rear window was not an option. […]

The Trident Goes Hybrid – 2022 Maserati Ghibli GT Hybrid Review

Since launch about seven or so years ago, the Ghibli has worked wonders for Maserati, bringing in new buyers into the family of il Tridente. It allowed a greater selection of people to say “I have a new Maserati.” Now to signify the brand’s intentions to go greener throughout the range, Maserati have incorporated hybrid […]

Mafia Muscle Car: Maserati Quattroporte GTS Review

Four doors. It isn’t the most exotic sounding name for a production car, is it? However, when you try translating it into Italian, you end up with “Quattroporte.” You have to admit, the Latin way sounds a lot more exotic. The Maserati Quattroporte with us for many a moon, bringing Maserati sports car thrills with […]

Maserati F Tributo Special Edition

Maserati F Tributo Special Edition

Maserati commemorates Fangio’s victories in the 250F with a special edition Motorsports in its genes, power rooted in the spirit of pure competition, unprecedented wins and unrivalled achievements, Maserati celebrates its racing past with F Tributo Special Edition. Maserati’s racing debut was exactly 95 years ago; it was on 25 April 1926 that the first racing […]

Verdi’s V8 Requiem: Maserati Ghibli Trofeo Review

When the news came through Maserati had shoe-horned their delicious V8 into the Ghibli, I remember thinking, “Well, its about time.” For many petrolheads, a V8 powered Maser is drug many would admit to being addicted to. Now, at last, we have a V8 Ghibli, and here is what’s what. The new Ghibli Trofeo is […]