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Tuesday - 27 October 2020
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Matthew D'souza

A New Sensation

Is it a hot hatch? Is it a budget supercar? All we know is that the Mercedes A45 S AMG has gone where no hatch has been before!

Car Technology- What Works and What Doesn’t

Car owners tell us what's useful and useless in a modern vehicle.

Hyundai’s Hot Hatch gets a Refresh

The i30N is back with a few minor tweaks to the looks but one major new option!

The Return of the ‘Z’

Nissan's Z brand is being brought back to the future.

Good Car, Bad Car

Can a car be as good as it is bad at the same time? The Abarth 595 certainly makes a good case for that.

It’s Official, an M3 Wagon has Been Confirmed

The first ever BMW M3 Touring is on the way and we can't wait!

Why I Regret Buying a Golf GTI

Is the Volkswagen Golf GTI still the best hot hatch you can have?

A Hot Hatch for Grown Ups

Can the i30N Fastback combine hot hatch spice with the sensibility of a sedan or at least something in between?

A Guide to Weathering Storms

Driving through a 'once in a lifetime' storm has given me some insight which I am sharing to help you stay safe on the roads this winter.

Gastronomic Destination: Gothenburg

If you love the finer end of the culinary scale, you need to go to Gothenburg! No-no-no, not the city on the...

The Devon Hotel | A gem in the heart of Taranaki

Taranaki is a great New Zealand destination easily reachable by car. There is lots to see and do and the Devon Hotel in New Plymouth is a great place to start.

BMW’s ultimate touring machine – M340i xDrive Touring review

It’s not often that ‘performance’ and ‘comfort’ can be uttered in the same sentence, but that’s exactly what comes to mind when,...

Mint SUV fills the hole – VW T-Cross review

Polo mints, (the mint with a hole), have been refreshing breaths since 1948 and the Polo car has been refreshing driving since...

Avid Group Hub Launch

by Ben SelbyWe all love cars, right? It doesn’t matter whether we are the proud owner of a...