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Wednesday - 12 August 2020

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Matthew D'Souza

One of those born car enthusiast types. Owns a Golf GTI which I won't stop talking about

A Hot Hatch for Grown Ups

Can the i30N Fastback combine hot hatch spice with the sensibility of a sedan or at least something in between?

A Guide to Weathering Storms

Driving through a 'once in a lifetime' storm has given me some insight which I am sharing to help you stay safe on the roads this winter.

Trick Pony

It is a turbocharged Mustang but this old horse has learnt some new tricks

Taking Note

A long term review of Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note 10+

Could You Cross the Strait in this?

What if you could combine your car and boat into one? Take a look at this car/boat!

Take a Trip Back in Time with this Mitsubishi

It comes complete with a flux capacitor and all the works!

The 1 Thing that Changes Everything

The BMW 1 Series has changed but does anyone really care?

Can You Charge a Tesla With a Bicycle?

It's a question that has been on the minds of many and has now been answered!