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Wednesday - 14 April 2021

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Matthew D'Souza

One of those born car enthusiast types. Owns a Golf GTI which I won't stop talking about

Debt Worthy- Toyota GR Yaris Review

The GR Yaris is a mind numbing, physics bending freak of nature and that is exactly why you need one in your life.

Volkswagen’s EVs to Power Homes and Other Cars!

VW really is changing the game with their ID cars.

A Week on Waiheke: Part 2

And we are back for part 2 of my Week on Waiheke special!

Voltswagen Still Has a Sense of Humour!

VW plays the ultimate April Fools prank

The Alfa Adventure: Part 2

I bought an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA and here's how it's going so far.

Audi Pulls the Plug

It's official, Audi has called time on their combustion engines.

Beauty and the Boost

You've heard the classic Disney tale of beauty and the beast but what if the beast became...

The Alfa Adventure: Part 1

I bought an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA and so, my journey begins......