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Friday - 23 October 2020

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Matthew D'Souza

One of those born car enthusiast types. Owns a Golf GTI which I won't stop talking about

It’s the End of the Line for the C63 AMG

The bogan Benz is undergoing a major change. Is this the end for those AMG V8s?

Breaking Barriers

What happens when Mercedes take their GLC and add an AMG tuned V8? Speed and power!

It’s Official: Mercedes Kills the Manual

Mercedes becomes the latest German manufacturer to discontinue manual transmissions.

A New Sensation

Is it a hot hatch? Is it a budget supercar? All we know is that the Mercedes A45 S AMG has gone where no hatch has been before!

Car Technology- What Works and What Doesn’t

Car owners tell us what's useful and useless in a modern vehicle.

Hyundai’s Hot Hatch gets a Refresh

The i30N is back with a few minor tweaks to the looks but one major new option!

The Return of the ‘Z’

Nissan's Z brand is being brought back to the future.

Good Car, Bad Car

Can a car be as good as it is bad at the same time? The Abarth 595 certainly makes a good case for that.