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Panamera-Can: 2022 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Review

When the first Porsche Panamera was launched back in 2010, I was certainly not sold on the looks. Its design cues in my view made it look rather bulbous and awkward. Thankfully the new Panamera is far easier on the eye than the original ugly duckling. Plus, with the incorporation of an estate, the Sport […]

This is Why the Porsche 997 is Still Awesome

What is it with 911s these days? Every five minutes it seems prices of a used air cooled 911 are rising to the point that soon there will be no G series air-cooled 911s from the seventies and eighties for sale anywhere in New Zealand for less than $100k. If you intend to bag a […]

Mission accomplished – Porsche Taycan Turbo review

Porsche Taycan Turbo review NZ

One of the joys of getting a little longer in the tooth (there aren’t that many to be honest) is that, based on history and experience, you tend to be right much more than wrong. Take EVs for instance, sure they are good for the environment and fine for toodling around the town but they […]