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Porsche’s Mission R concept gives us a little insight into the future of customer motorsport. With signature lines and innovative materials, this is one to watch! The concept features two electric motors that provide 800kW of power to the wheels in ‘qualifying mode’! It may be an electric racer but Porsche say it still embodies all of their values- ‘performance, design and sustainability’.

Porsche Mission R concept side view
Porsche’s EV racer makes use of some groundbreaking innovation.

Porsche’s one-make Carrera Cup Series was launched 31 years ago and the brand has since gone on to build 4,400 of these racecars. As such, there are 30 of these Porsche one-make series’ held around the globe. The Mission R concept then, gives us a glimpse of what the brand’s one-make series will look like in the future.

The Mission R concept will do 0-100 in 2.5 seconds and go on to over 300km/hr. Innovative cooling systems mean that the front axle motor can put out a max 380kW while the rear axle motor will produce 480kW! And to top-up, the R only needs 15 minutes with a 340kW charger to regain 75% of juice.

Rear view of Porsche Mission R Concept
Development of Porsche’s Active Aerodynamics has led to this rear end

With a special focus on sustainability, the Mission R concept’s add-on parts feature a material called natural fibre reinforced plastic or NFRP which uses flax fibres. This results in an 85% reduction of CO2 emissions when making the splitters, skirts, doors, front and more. The roll cage is made from a carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) which is integrated into the ‘exoskeleton’.

These sustainable materials offer considerable weight saving and so do the 18-inch Magnesium Cup wheels. The wheels are coated in Michelin rubber which is produced in a carbon neutral factory just like of the company’s tires. Michelin also recycles old tires into new ones at the end of their life cycle!

Overhead shot of the Porsche Mission E concept
That wing can generate serious downforce

The Mission R concept also features brake by-wire, electric power steering which calculates the optimal steering angle required and air jack which makes for quick tire changes. Expect Porsche to further improve their race tech as their Formula E campaign continues!

Lastly, Porsche pride themselves on having road cars that look like the concepts. Remember the Mission E and Mission E Cross Turismo? Their road going Taycan is almost identical to them, so Porsche say we can expect the same rule with the Mission R concept.

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Pictures courtesy of Porsche Newsroom International.

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