Ubuntu 21.10 has landed

Ubuntu 21.10 Desktop

The latest version of the once dominant Linux distribution Ubuntu, code-named ‘Impish Indri’, is now available for download from the official Ubuntu website. This Ubuntu 21.10 is, of course, the last 6-monthly release before Canonical’s next Long Term Support (LTS) release due out in April 2022. Canonical wants to pitch its new Ubuntu 21.10 as […]

Taking Note

A long term review of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 10+

Google is Keen on the Pinterest market

Google Keen

Everyone loves a good Pinterest board. For years it has been the go-to tool for organising everyone’s digital passions and it’s great. I remember my first boards several lifetimes ago… motorbikes, places I want to go and gadgets I must have. It does what it does very well and has enjoyed global success for a […]

Who are they – Huawei

As I write this, I am at the pool of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Bali. I’m telling you this not just to rub it in (although there is of course a degree of that) but it’s really to emphasize the hospitality shown to me by my new friend in the Telco market, Huawei. Who? […]