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Four new in-car specific apps have been introduced by Renault, specifically for Renault! SongPop, Karacal, Kabriol and Incollabes add up with the previous seven apps for a total of 11 Renault specific apps available to the brand’s customers.

A game in progress on the infotainment screen of a Renault
SongPop is a music lovers dream!

The new apps are available to download via the OpenR link catalogue for free! Located in the MY Renault app, these add a variety of entertaining features to the infotainment experience.

SongPop was developed by Renault and game developer Gameloft, the aim of which is to provide interactive music quizzes tailored for in-car use. It’s also the world’s first game enabling all vehicle occupants to join in! Occupants can play against in each other in several rounds with the driver only allowed to play when the vehicle is parked.

An app open on the infotainment screen of a Renault car
In-car entertainment takes a step up with the new suite of Renault partner apps

Karacal features spoken content that is activated with geolocated sound “bubbles”. These “audio guides” share interesting content about the locality you are driving through, there are now over 6,000 of these “bubbles” in France alone.

Kabriol is similar to the above in the way that is also audio entertainment but tailore specificall for children. Sharing trivia and short stories this keeps kids entertained but also educated at the same time! Anecdotes and riddles also add to the listening experience.

An app open on the infotainment screen of a Renault car
Worth noting is that drivers can only play when the car is parked!

Lastly, Les Incollables for Renault is an in-car version of a French quiz game by Playbac for all to enjoy. Questions, riddles and charades are all on offer for endless in-car entertainment.

These four new apps add to existing catalogue which includes Amazon Music and Easypark among others to provide not just fun but functionality to the driving experience!

Thanks for reading! For more Renault news and reviews, visit Tarmac Life.

Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Media Renault.

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