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Honda and Isuzu Commence Testing Fuel Cell Powered Heavy Duty Trucks

Isuzu and Honda have begun testing their ‘Giga Fuel Cell’ on public roads in Japan. ‘Giga Fuel Cell’ is a Hydrogen fuel-cell driven heavy duty truck under development by the two companies. This phase of testing will run until September 2024, during which time, the companies will collect data and aim to fix any issues that arise.

A prototype of a Honda Isuzu Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered truck during testing.

A launch is currently scheduled for 2027 and the two brands are prepared for that. The objective behind this extensive testing is to find out if there is potential for Hydrogen fuel use in large trucks. Both brands believe that this is essential for the trucking industry to achieve carbon neutrality due to the lack of CO2 emissions from the fuel-cell process.

The current prototype model being used for testing is similar to that exhibited by Isuzu at 2023’s edition of the Japan Mobility Show.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Honda Media Global.

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