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Maserati Quattroporte 330hp – See Spot Run

I was invited to Sydney recently to take a look at Maserati’s new Quattroporte 330hp, it was an action packed day filled with Italian flair, testing roads, fine food and a dog named spot (name changed to protect the innocent).

Picking up the luxurious 4 door saloon north of the city; our route took us out to the Hunter Valley on roads much loved by motorcycles and sportscars alike. Despite the 330’s size (and the Auckland weather we brought with us) the Maserati felt sure footed and responsive, automatically selecting the right gear to handle the tight turns and when stretching its legs on the long (and sometimes dry) straights, the 330 V6 kept on giving.

maserati-quattroporte-330hp-frontDuring a moment of sunlight rarity, we grabbed a few pics of this handsome beast with a more stately backdrop and followed this up with a few ‘exhaust note’ test runs – the 330hp not only looked good, it sounded good too!

The Maserati 330hp certainly has a wider appeal, both in terms of age and gender and regardless of having only (haha) 330hp to play with; this new addition to the expending Maserati range continues to offer its bespoke feel and of course its hand crafted finishing. Oh, and as you’ll see near the end of this vignette, the Maserati 330hp has already grabbed a following!

maserati-quattroporte-330hp-rear-shotAnd as for Spot? Well we were chased out off a country road by a small terrier – obviously liked the Maserati too!

Great pics Tez

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