BMW X3 M-Phwoarty-d – BMW X3 M40d Review

BMW M40d review New Zealand

BMW X3 M40d Review New Zealand Although it cannot be assigned to just one person (apparently it’s a bit of a mish-mash of several engineers over a period of time), since the Diesel engine bears the name of Rudolf  Diesel (the man that first came up with the concept of ‘ignition by compression’ in 1892), we’ll use […]

A taste of Italy – Alfa Romeo Giulietta review

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review New Zealand

Alfa Romeo Giulietta review New Zealand When I picture Italy, I am consumed with images of endless summer days. An arid dusty countryside that extends out to the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean that surrounds it. Quaint little towns with narrow cobblestoned streets. Close-knit families sharing bottles of Chianti and dipping warm fragrant garlic […]

Kart before the Horse – Mini Cooper S hatch review

Mini Cooper S Hatch Review New Zealand

Mini Cooper S hatch review New Zealand The new Mini Cooper S boasts more speed, safety and connectivity but does this mean it’s not as much fun to drive? I took to the wheel of an attention-getting Solaris Orange model complete with cool black go-faster bonnet decals to find out. First and foremost, power in […]

A greater connection – Mercedes-Benz A-Class A 200 Review

Mercedes-Benz A 200 review New Zealand

Mercedes-Benz A 200 Review New Zealand Depending on their lifecycle, the E and S Class have notably always received the lion share of new advancements in technology for Mercedes-Benz. It makes sense right? They are essentially the flagships for the brand and are aimed at the upper end of the affluent public. But now it […]

‘Highly’ impressive – Mazda CX-9 Takami review

Mazda CX-9 Takami review New Zealand

Mazda CX-9 Takami review New Zealand It’s fair to say that Mazda has managed to woo the motoring public with their range of engaging and visually attractive vehicles. From the joys of driving top down in their MX-5 to the executive suite that greets you inside the Mazda6 – they’ve even got the BT-50 ute […]

Cooking at 350-degrees – Maserati Levante 350 review

Maserati Levante 350 review

Maserati Levante 350 review experience Australia 350 degrees is the sweet spot in cooking. It’s the level that’s associated with the Maillard Reaction, essentially the chemical process that gives a multitude of foods a complex flavour and texture profile and the attractive golden colour produced when sugar and protein are heated together. In cooking, 350 […]

Back to the Future, Audi’s new Q8 SUV Review

Audi Q8 review New Zealand

Audi’s new Q8 SUV Review New Zealand It would appear that it’s been a funny old year for Audi as I discovered at the launch of their all-new premium SUV, Q8 launch. Despite the release of some true Audi heavy metal (A8,7 and 6), globally, things are about even and locally, their (as has some […]

A Dynamic Decade – Lexus RC-F 10th Anniversary review

Lexus RC-F 10th Anniversary review New Zealand

Lexus RC-F 10th Anniversary review New Zealand To celebrate a decade of their luxurious sport division ‘F Performance’, Lexus has released special 10th Anniversary versions of the GS and RC. Both come in matte finish Nebula Grey coats, both have striking blue leather interiors and both have a 5L, V8 Quad Cam, 32 valve heart, […]

Diamond in the rough – Rolls-Royce Cullinan review

Rolls-Royce Cullinan review New Zealand

Rolls Royce Cullinan review New Zealand Despite how urbanised the world is seemingly becoming, the truth is, the majority of our blue planet’s land still remains unpaved. From the expansive desert sand dunes of the Far East to the dense tropical rainforests of the Amazon, there are so many places that we have yet to […]

A Bright Spark – 2018 Holden Spark review

Holden Spark LT Review New Zealand

2018 Holden Spark review New Zealand Although I have often used the term sarcastically, a bright spark is generally used to describe a smart or witty person, someone of above average intelligence or even (at times) a genius, but when it appears in Holden’s vehicle line up, Spark is a bright and nifty little motor […]