Hybrid Middle Child :Toyota Camry SX Hybrid Review

When Toyota let it be known the Camry would now only be offered only as a hybrid, I couldn’t help but think of a certain iconic line of dialogue from that classic Mitre 10 DIY DNA advert with the kids on the playground, “no surprises there.” Making the Camry hybrid only is part of Toyota’s […]

A New Era: Toyota Camry ZR Hybrid Review

If Toyota ever made a greatest hits album from throughout the decades, you can bet your bottom dollar the Camry will be on the track list. For 2022, the Camry has been refreshed with the biggest change being the move to an all-Hybrid model range. Yep, that’s right, there is to be no more V6 […]

Historical Lemons

24 Hours of LeMons – New Zealand To most people, the humble lemon is a semi innocuous fruit whose sole purpose is to garnish an alcoholic beverage or sour up a battered fish. However, it would seem that flowing some extensive research, (typing lemon into Google), this award-winning reporter has discovered that this oval-shaped yellow […]

Polo Beats review – Beats city traffic

Polo Beats review – New Zealand Volkswagen have (quite literally) turned up the bass and the base on their Polo with the Beats model, fashioning their popular, and now all-new compact car, into a four-wheel Dr Dre beatbox, and yes I did say beatbox. For those of you unaware of the global phenomenon that is […]

Honda Odyssey Review – A People Smoother

Honda Odyssey Review New Zealand There is one question that anyone that owns a people mover dreads and that is ‘What car do you drive?’ Aside from the fact that the question itself is generally laced with more hooks than a deep sea trawler, it often causes the owner of said vehicle to question how […]

The Joys of Summer – Lexus Track Days

Lexus Summer of Performance New Zealand For most of us, it’s hard not to enjoy the summer months. The days are longer, and so too are the smiles. It’s easy to conjure up playful images of sandy beaches, huge Ice Creams, Poolside lounging, mouth-watering BBQ scents, and oodles of vitamin D should you venture out […]

Challenge Accepted – Ferrari 488 Challenge that is.

Ferrari 488 Challenge in New Zealand The Ferrari Challenge is the widest ranging and most envied one-make series in the world and for the first time ever, it was held in New Zealand. Fittingly, Hampton Downs Motorsport Park played host to a weekend of high performance, high drama and ultimate luxury in an event like […]

Maserati Moments in time

Maserati tour down under – Australia There gets to a certain point in your life (hopefully) when your place in the universe begins to click. The relevance of things becomes clearer, your attitude is more defined and your ‘zen’ more apparent. It’s not necessarily an age thing (although there is a good argument for time […]

BMW X2 Review – Dare-devil.

BMW X2 Review New Zealand Daredevils are by nature thrill-seeking, exhibitionists. They are non-conformists, societies rules and views don’t apply, and they tend to push the boundaries to near breaking point wherever possible. So why did this spring to mind when I took to the wheel of BMW’s new small, premium SUV? Well, I’m glad […]

Hop, Skip and a Jump – Mustang 2018 Launch

Ford Mustang launch review New Zealand Hop For those few of you that don’t know, Beach Hop is an annual event held in the Coromandel coastal town of Whangamata, that has its roots strongly grounded in the ‘Rock and Roll’ era of the 1950s. And since 2001, it’s been the perfect gathering for Kiwi’s far […]