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The Mustang will be Fully Electric by 2029

A lot has changed recently for the Ford Mustang. The iconic pony car was first introduced with a six cylinder and much more desirable V8 option. Of late, that has changed to a turbocharged four pot but the V8 still lives on.

Then came the Mustang Mach E. The all-electric Mustang SUV that had the pony faithful up in arms. They seemed to have gone quiet though because the Mach E is actually pretty good. Unfortunately for Mustang fans, things haven’t settled just yet.

Mustang Mach E
The infamous Mustang Mach E

Ford has been trying to electrify their most popular cars of late with the Mustang even getting an EV performance model called the 1400 Cobra Jet. Ford also created a manual electric Mustang in an astonishing feat of engineering! But now, it seems inevitable that the Mustang will go electric. 2029 seems to be the year for that according to a recent report.

Mustang logo
Ford is trying everything to keep the pony alive

V8’s are already under scrutiny and Ford isn’t the only one looking to ditch the engine in future. Mercedes-AMG have also confirmed that their next C63 will not have a V8 engine.

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