Mustang Mania – A Day With RTR, Ruapuna and Radisich

The passion that exists for the Ford Mustang cannot be understated. Ever since the first was unveiled to a stunned public at the New York Worlds Fair on April 17th 1964, the Mustang has inspired a fanbase which spans generations. Fast forward 58 years or so to Mike Pero Motorsport Park, Ruapuna and we can […]

Absolute Power: Roush Mustang RS3 Review

There is an old saying, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” While this has often been true throughout world history, the same cannot be said in the world of the Ford Mustang. Since the golden days of Ford’s pony car, countless tuners and performance boffins have been doing everything they can to give buyers the most extreme […]

Decisions decisions, Ford Puma and Escape first drives

Ford Puma and Escape Review NZ

A little over a month ago Ford New Zealand unveiled their new nameplate Puma and completely revamped Escape at the Glasshouse in Auckland and last week we got to drive them both, however, the drive left us in a bit of a quandary – which one did we prefer? The drive event was based at […]

Trick Pony

A frontal view of the Ford Mustang High Performance in orange

It is a turbocharged Mustang but this old horse has learnt some new tricks

Whistling Performance Pony – Ford Mustang High-Performance review

2020 Mustang High-Performance review

With its timeless fastback profile, muscular haunches, uber-cool heritage and film star good looks, the Ford Mustang is as iconic as it is popular. But what happens when you mess with its winning formula and replace its V8 roar with a whistle? Well, quite a lot actually. I can already hear the Mustang purists bolting […]