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Ford’s Puma Mild-Hybrid is Coming Next Year

Ever since the Ford Puma landed in New Zealand, it was destined to be an instant hit. It was and things are only going to get better in 2022 with the arrival of two mild-hybrid (MHEV) models. These will be the Puma EcoBoost MHEV and the Puma EcoBoost ST-Line MHEV. The 48V battery improves fuel economy and performance while lowering carbon emissions. Don’t forget the 210Nm of torque!

Rachel White, Ford NZ’s Marketing Manager says the Puma MHEV will be a fantastic option for those looking to switch to hybrid technology. White also reaffirmed the fact that New Zealand Puma buyers are absolutely loving their cars!

EcoBoost Hybrid badge on a Ford Puma
Expect to see more of these badges on the road

New Zealand’s Puma buyers will be among the first to get access to this new MHEV. The 11.5kW ‘generator’ replaces the alternator and charges the battery using energy from braking. Ford actually calls it a ‘belt-driven integrated starter/generator’ or ‘BISG’ for short.

The BISG also integrates with the engine to use the stored energy to smoothen acceleration and power the electrical appliances in the car.

Side view of the Ford Puma
Puma buyers love its quirky styling and interior space

The Puma MHEV produces a total of 91kW and the hybrid system will constantly monitor how to use the energy most efficiently, mainly using two strategies.

‘Torque substitution’ which uses the BISG to reduce strain on the engine and provides a temporary 50Nm of torque, providing a 9% improvement on fuel efficiency. A figure that comes down to 5.4 litres per 100km in this mode.

The second power usage strategy is ‘torque supplementation’ which uses the BISG to provide an extra 20Nm of torque when the engine is at max output. The result is 50% more torque at lower revs which makes darting intro traffic easier.

Rear three quarters view of the Ford Puma
Great driving dynamics has been part of the Puma’s success

The addition of Ford’s MHEV technology means these particular Pumas come with a larger turbo for more power and less lag. BISG also allows the car’s stop-start tech to be one of the quickest in the game. The engine will turn off when coasting to a stop below 15km/hr and can restart in the blink of an eye, literally!

A choice of Normal, Eco, Sport, Slippery and Trail modes are available which allows the driver to adjust accelerator response, stability & traction control and gearshift timing! The suspension has also been tweaked for better driving engagement!

Ford Puma badge on the rear of the car
An instant favourite!

The Ford Puma MHEV will go on sale close to the middle of next year and prices will be announced closer to the date so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! For more news and reviews, check out Tarmac Life.

Pictures courtesy of Ford Media Europe.

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