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The car enthusiast world is in mourning today as we have just lost another Ferrari F40. It seems to be a rather regular occurrence relatively speaking since there was one lost to a fire in Monaco last year. This time, it was an F40 in Japan that was reduced to ash. The Italian supercar was travelling on the stunning Hakone turnpike.

Luckily, the couple inside pulled over and managed to escape unscathed. The cause of the fire is still unknown and just like the Monaco fire last year, no one really gets to know the reason behind these things. Ferrari have an image to protect you know!

Only 1,300 of these F40s were built making it a rare car to have and with that number dwindling constantly, one can only imagine that the value of them keeps going up!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I can bring you a more positive piece of news next time.

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