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Sunday - 6 December 2020

Bicycle, Bicycle – I want to ride my…

Last weekend saw the annual ‘Bike the Bridge’ event in Auckland.  It was a chance to get the family together on their 2 (or more) wheel steeds and do something that you seldom get chance to do – bike cross the Harbour Bridge.

Skoda New Zealand Bike the Bridge Bicycles

Mountain, Road, e.bikes, tandem, tricycles, folding, drop down bars, cross handle… the list goes on. In fact over 4,000 people, young, old and older, professional and amateur, all gathered together in Smales Farm to celebrate pedal powered transport. I have to admit I didn’t know there were that many bikes out there.

Skoda New Zealand Bike the Bridge Bicycles

The event itself was well planned and organised. The routes were simple to follow (apparently), Parking was free and easy, and the main green had a big stage focal point with all the sponsor tents (Mercury, Skoda, AT, Richies, Auckland Council, NZT, MS etc) framing the field.

Skoda New Zealand Bike the Bridge Bicycles

Kicking off at 6am, you could choose the distance you wanted – Bike The Bridge Round Trip (22km), Bike The Bridge South Only (7km), Bike The Bridge North Only (15km), Bike The Busway Family Loop (4km loop) and as if getting the chance to get the family together and Bike the Bridge wasn’t enough, there were 5 major prizes ranging from bikes and e.bikes to a Skoda for a weekend getaway and a trip to Fiji. There were heaps of Spot prizes too. With free bananas on every table it was a chance for the cycling public to go, well; banana’s.

Bike the BridgeTo sum it all up, the Bike the Bridge event was Superb!

Skoda New Zealand Bike the Bridge Bicycles

Get in quick for next year as they limit the number of entrants – Bikethebridge.co.nz

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