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The world’s first Super Tourer – Aston Martin unveils the DB12

After being lauded as the inventor of the Grand Tourer, Aston Martin has now taken the segment to a next level with the new DB12 by calling it the world’s first Super Tourer. And with New Zealand being an important market for the British carmaker, they decided to ship its only prototype in the Southern […]

Botany rejoice, there’s a new Nissan, Peugeot and Citroen Dealership

Armstrong opening Botany

East-Aucklanders will have a brand-new dealership available to visit for all of their Peugeot, Citroen and Nissan requirements when the new Armstrong’s showroom officially opens later this month – but we had a sneak preview. Located at 277 Ti Rakau Drive, (next to two other successful dealerships) the 5,500m2 purpose-built facility is scheduled to commence […]

Making sense of the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+

2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Review NZ

Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+ review NZ There are, of course, many reasons why large performance SUVs are pointless. I mean, why would a carmaker want to create something that’s designed to carry multiple passengers (often in luxury), ride high (and therefore feel safe), tow boats, go off-road (softroad) and usually weighs over 2-tonnes, race off […]

Whistling Performance Pony – Ford Mustang High-Performance review

2020 Mustang High-Performance review

With its timeless fastback profile, muscular haunches, uber-cool heritage and film star good looks, the Ford Mustang is as iconic as it is popular. But what happens when you mess with its winning formula and replace its V8 roar with a whistle? Well, quite a lot actually. I can already hear the Mustang purists bolting […]

An Elite Venue – Hyundai Venue review

Hyundai Venue Elite NZ

Generally speaking, a venue is the scene of any event or action, it can be as big as a stadium or (nowadays) as small as your home/office for a video chat. However, recently car maker Hyundai added an all-new Venue into the mix with the launch of a new ‘baby’ SUV with the same name […]

Shhh – we review the all-new Mazda CX-30

Mazda CX-30 NZ

Much has been said about Mazda’s new CX-30 crossover, certainly in the looks and size department. Fitting perfectly between the CX-3 and CX-5 and boasting the ‘Utsuroi principle’ or interplay of light that the new Mazda3 displays, but now having driven the GSX model for a week, one of the biggest things we noticed about […]

Mazda starts production of the MX-30 EV

Mazda MX-30 EV NZ

Mazda has begun production of the all-new Mazda MX-30, the company’s first all-electric vehicle, at Ujina plant No. 1 in Hiroshima, Japan. The new MX-30 is equipped with e-Skyactiv – Mazda’s new electric drive technology. The front-wheel-drive powertrain combines a 107kW (145 PS) AC synchronous electric motor with a 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery, equipping the new […]

2020 Mercedes-AMG A 35 Sedan review – More room to vroom

2020 Mercedes-AMG A35 Sedan review NZ

Let’s begin at the end, because, for those with a keen eye for vehicles will know, the main point of difference between this glorious looking A35 Sedan and the A35 Hatch, is the boot. That’s right my Sedan loving friends, the A35 comes with a good ‘Ol fashioned boot.  And not just any old boot […]

2020 Toyota C-HR Hybrid review – 0-100km in 4.3L

2020 Toyota C-HR Review NZ

Toyota’s popular SUV/Crossover has just received a facelift and at the same time been given a diamond theme, but it’s what’s going on under the bonnet that’s really grabbed our attention. Introduced to the motoring public in 2016, the C-HR (Compact or Coupe High Rider) became an immediate hit. All the driving fun and stability […]

Toyota Corolla Sedan review – Shape Shifter

Toyota Corolla Sedan Review NZ

The Toyota Corolla has been a stalwart of NZ roads for many a year, almost too many to count – ok it’s around thirty. Anyway, the Corolla’s styling, specifications (including modern tech) and affordability have ensured its popularity over its lifetime and the latest version, the twelfth since its original launch in 1966 by the […]