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Big, refined and upgraded – 2022 RAM 1500 Limited review

2022 RAM 1500 Crew Cab Limited review NZ

Over recent years, despite being ‘rather substantial’ when it comes to NZ’s narrow roads, RAM (the truck that ‘eats utes for breakfast’) trucks have actually become quite a regular sight on our highways and byways. They are obviously easy to spot due to their size and chrome grilles, and that they are probably towing something […]

Posh as truck, Ford Ranger Wildtrak X review

Ford Ranger Wildtrak X review NZ

You could say that the good ‘ol ute has changed a lot over the years. As well as moving off of the farm, becoming domesticated (and becoming VERY popular), across the board it’s been given more horses, been given more technology, been made safer and more aware of its surroundings and also (in many cases) […]

Auxsome Ford Ranger FX4 MAX review

Ford Ranger FX4 MAX review NZ

The Ford Ranger has (more or less) been NZ’s most popular vehicle for what seems like an age now and with its vast range, special editions, raft of accessories and ‘the Raptor’ to play with, there’s something for everyone. But wait, there was a gap that needed to be filled (an upmarket ute that’s also […]

Wow to D-Max – Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain review

Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain review NZ

Since it first launched in early the 2000’s the Isuzu ute has regularly been described as tough, rugged and durable but rarely ever striking, eye-catching or luxurious – that is until now. The all-new D-Max is all of the above and then some, and Isuzu NZ gave us the top of the line X-Terrain Double […]

Cannon Fire: 2021 GWM Cannon Ute Review

If any new car segment is bursting at the seams, it would hands down have to the Ute. It seems just about every car maker, new or old, offers, or has offered at some point, their take on a rugged go- anywhere workhorse. That said, with such competition existing between the Japanese and recently European […]

RAM just got bigger – new RAM 1500 Express Crew Cab review

RAM 1500 Express Crew Cab review NZ

It’s fair to say that when it comes to NZ roads, there’s not much that can top the RAM in terms of size and overall numbers. It boasts Best‐in‐class towing and Best‐in‐class power which makes their tag line ‘Eats Utes for breakfast’ rather fitting. Anyway, the 1500 Express (let’s call this the ‘budget RAM’) has […]

The Darkside Difference – VW Amarok Darkside Edition review

VW Amarok Darkside Edition review NZ

Launched in 2010, the VW Amarok burst into the Ute/truck scene to critical acclaim. VW group build quality, Euro styling and (the now overused) car-like interior. It was, and still is, a ute that is tough enough to do the grunt work during the day, yet doesn’t look out of place when pulling up at […]

Kodo Cool – Mazda Unveils All-New Mazda BT-50

All-New Mazda BT-50 NZ

Mazda Motor Corporation has hosted the world premiere of their all-new Mazda BT-50 ute and it’s KODO cool. Fully redesigned, the all-new BT-50 is supplied by Isuzu Motor Limited on an OEM basis, and the vehicle will go on sale under the Mazda brand name starting in the Australasian market in the latter half of […]

Amarok’s Edition Addition – Edition R review

VW Amarok Edition R NZ

Volkswagen Amarok Edition R Review New Zealand. With 1.3billion of the world’s population people speaking Chinese, it’s by far the globe’s most spoken language, however, English (spoken by a mere 379 million) spreads its voice to 137 countries making it arguably the most popular. It’s a complex language, filled with spelling, homonyms and punctuation discrepancies. […]