All hail the new Toyota Camry Hybrid

2021 Toyota Camry Review NZ

New Zealand’s category-leading Sedan has a nameplate that can be traced back to the ‘80s. Over the years the Camry has been narrow and wide bodied, a liftback, had all manner of powertrains and countless ‘roles’ in terms of usage – 2021 sees it become even more refined and Toyota New Zealand gave us two […]

Born in the USA: Toyota Highlander GXL Petrol Review

When Toyota launched the new Highlander earlier this year, there was much fanfare surrounding the popular seven-seater SUV now sporting Hybrid options in the line-up. This is of course not surprising as just about every other Toyota in the range, bar the Hilux has Hybrid tech first introduced with the first Prius all those years […]

GR Lite: 2021 Toyota C-HR GR Sport Review

First there was the GR Supra, and it was good. Then came the GR Yaris, and it blew us away. Now, a third member of Toyota’s line-up has received the handiwork of Toyota Gazoo Racing. What you see here look all rakish and aggressive is the Toyota C-HR GR Sport which sits atop the C-HR […]

Fortuner Major: Toyota Fortuner Limited Review

The Toyota Fortuner always makes me think of Harry Potter. No, really. I think the fact it shares the same nameplate one of the ever-changing passwords of the Gryffindor common room, “Fortuna Major.” Anyway, nerd chat aside, back to a Fortuner that actually exists. The Toyota Fortuner makes no bones about being a seven-seater off […]