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Rocking ‘rolla – Toyota GR Corolla review

Toyota GR Corolla review NZ

The Toyota Corolla has been a crowd pleaser for the masses ever since it first rolled off the production line in 1966. To me it’s a non-threatening nameplate that’s in many ways ‘satisfyingly vanilla’ in its performance and appearance (this is a good thing) and as such an easy choice when looking for a rental […]

Feeling Cross – Toyota Corolla Cross Limited AWD Review

For some time, Toyota have been getting very cross with their own range. By “cross” of course I don’t mean seething with anger at their own models, but by adding crossover SUV variants of their already immensely popular superminis and family hatchbacks. You only need look at the likes of the C-HR and recent Yaris […]

Great wide open – Toyota Hilux 4WD SR5 Cruiser Wide Track review

Toyota Hilux 4WD SR5 Cruiser Wide Track review NZ

Into the great wide open, is a song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It’s the story of a guy named Eddie who moves to Los Angeles, meets a girl and becomes a rock star. It’s a rune about life’s struggles but that there’s always possibility, as the ‘future is wide open’. Why am I […]

Uncomplicated yet Handy Hybrid – Toyota Corolla GX Hybrid Wagon review

2023 Toyota Corolla GX hybrid wagon review NZ

The Corolla has been a stalwart of the Toyota family virtually from the moment they pushed go on the production line in 1966. It was the best-selling car in the world by 1974 and has remained there or thereabouts in the top spot throughout its 12 generations. Now, with the latest iteration, Toyota NZ have […]

2023 Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival

2023 Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival

Attending an event where you watch people thrash their 40+year old vehicle within an inch of its life on the racetrack, to then seeing (often the same people) polish their car’s paintwork with a finish that would outshine the sun, you realise that there is something borderline fanatical, about Toyota’s fan base. Now in its […]

Terrific Toybox – Toyota GR Supra Manual review

Toyota GR Supra Manual review NZ

It’s fair to say that we’re all pretty impressed with the new GR Supra. It’s got the looks, the power and even the tech to keep us all entertained, but not a manual gearbox, that is until now. Yes my friends, the new ‘beemerfied’ Toyota GR Supra now comes with a 6-speed manual transmission and […]

Toyota’s vision of a cleaner climate for NZ and beyond

Toyota NZ

According to Toyota New Zealand there has recently been a rewiring of the automotive industry that’s causing both a real challenge and a massive opportunity. Climate change is obviously the main driving force, however Toyota feels that the behaviour of the consumer is still evolving and government policies are ‘mixed’. “The last three years have […]

GR8ty six – new Toyota GR86 review NZ

Toyota GR86 review NZ

Brand new, compact 2+2 seater, front-engined, rear wheel drive sportscars are becoming a rarity on NZ roads, especially ones with a manual gearbox, but the second generation of the Hachi-Roku (86) is here, and thankfully, Toyota New Zealand let us give it a blast. The Toyota 86, (or GT86 here in NZ) was originally released […]