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Better Late Than Never – Toyota GR Supra Manual Review

You know when something is good, but you can’t help but think it lacks something that will make it even better? Maybe that curry needed just a few extra chilis, or that G n T required a twist of lime to make it perfect? When Toyota launched the GR Supra, we all thought it was […]

Climb Every Mountain: Toyota Land Cruiser 300 GR Sport Review

Some say that life begins at 40, or was it 30? Or was it neither? Anyway, one could argue that for the Toyota Land Cruiser, life could very well begin at 70. Yes it’s hard to believe Toyota’s go-anywhere warrior has been with us for over seven decades. During that time, both here and aboard, […]

Toyota GR Yaris Revisited: Is it Still Awesome?

The Toyota GR Yaris. What can be said that hasn’t been said already about this, dare I say it, epic WRC bred petrolheads dream? We drove it for the first time on New Zealand shores back in 2020. The hype was there, and we were happy to report the not only lived up to said […]