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Porsche just became Europe’s most valuable carmaker – Yes, ahead of VW

After a very successful Initial Public Offering late last month, Porsche has not only had the largest opening in the history of Europe’s stock exchange, but it has also injected so much cash into the company that it became more valuable that its ‘parent’ Volkswagen. On the market’s close on Friday, Oct 7th, Porsche shares […]

Porsche raises the bar even higher with the 911 GT3 RS

What do you do after you release a version of your most famous sportscar that brought a heap of new tricks to make it an acclaimed track-focussed weapon? Well, if you are Porsche, you double down on it and release an even crazier version – so now we have the GT3 RS trim of the […]

Porsche recreates ‘Sally’ from Cars film franchise for charity auction

by Harry de Souza Porsche and Pixar Animation Studios have unveiled a very special Porsche inspired by one of the most popular 996s out there: Sally Carrera, the famous 911 from Disney Pixar’s animated film Cars. Very much like Sally herself, the 911 Sally Special is one of a kind. This project, which is a […]

Panamera-Can: 2022 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Review

When the first Porsche Panamera was launched back in 2010, I was certainly not sold on the looks. Its design cues in my view made it look rather bulbous and awkward. Thankfully the new Panamera is far easier on the eye than the original ugly duckling. Plus, with the incorporation of an estate, the Sport […]