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BMW previews newest addition to its M line, the XM

It feels like it was only a week ago that I covered a four-door, SUV-looking vehicle with superlative numbers that would be unimaginable just a few years ago, because it was. This time around, it was BMW showing us the production ready version of the XM, derived from the Concept XM experiment unveiled previously, and […]

Lex Luthor – 2022 Lexus NX450h F-Sport PHEV Review

In the world of comic book villains, Lex Luthor is a formidable foe. His supreme intellect, wealth and access to a barrage of technical weapons and gadgets has kept Superman on his toes on more than one occasion. To keep Supes and his fellow Justice League members at bay, Lex Luthor must constantly upgrade his […]

Cop a load of this – Skoda Octavia RS iV PHEV review

Skoda RS iV review NZ

Over the past couple of decades, Czech car brand Skoda has gone from being a relatively rare sight on NZ roads to something we see daily (although fingers crossed not the NZ Police vehicles). They are desirable in style, clever in tech and helpfulness and when it comes to performance, the Skoda RS badge ranks […]

Shh-koda – Skoda Superb iV review

Skoda Superb iV Review NZ

The ŠKODA Superb iV plug-in hybrid (PHEV) is the Czech-born brand’s first step into the electrified car melee and what a way to start. Not only is it luxurious and cavernous on the inside, but it’s ultra quiet and very clever (just ask Laura). Plus with around 60km of EV only range, it’ll now get […]

Escape PHE-Vroom – 2021 Ford Escape PHEV review

2021 Ford Escape PHEV review NZ

With life as it is right now, many of us have been feeling that our own homes are becoming some strange version of an Escape room. Sure the clues and ways to get out of the house are there, but is the will strong enough? Well Ford NZ’s new addition to their Escape range may […]

Plugged in to Activity – 2021 BMW X3 30e PHEV review

2021 BMW X3 30e review NZ

It’s fair to say that BMW do SAVs (Sports Activity Vehicles) well and on top of that, the heavily sustainable car maker is damn good at producing EVs too. So let’s face it, a PHEV X3 was always going to be on the cards. The X3 30e is the 3rd PHEV in the brand’s current […]

Vivaro-e HYDROGEN – 249 mile range and rapid three minute refuelling

PHEV Vivaro

Unveiled today, Vauxhall’s new zero emissions Vivaro-e HYDROGEN light commercial vehicle has a range of up to 249 miles, refuels in just three minutes and a cargo volume up to 6.1m3, the same as the diesel or battery electric versions. Vauxhall is actively speaking to business customers in the UK about hydrogen fuel cell and […]

Electric Exec – 2021 BMW 530e review

BMW 530e review NZ

For me, BMW’s 5-Series is the perfect fit. Sure I still have the ‘old school’ mentality of preferring Sedans over SAVs but in terms of size, function and (when you get up to the M5), ferocity, the 5 has it all. Well now they’ve added a PHEV to the range and BMW New Zealand let […]

A plug for the Mercedes-Benz A250e PHEV

Mercedes-Benz A250e PHEV Review NZ

Although much less so nowadays, like many self proclaimed petrolheads, I’m still reticent about EVs. There’s something unnatural about a vehicle that doesn’t roar into life upon start -up, EVs just seem anti-climatic. Same goes when on the move, silence is not what I want to hear when heading towards treble digits. BUT, I must […]