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Grand union – Opel Grandland PHEV review

Opel Grandland PHEV review

With one of our leading team members, Hazza, getting hitched to his beautiful bride, Julianna, in Tauranga, we took the opportunity to take the Opel Grandland PHEV on a roadie. With its hybrid powertrain, Euro styling and SUV practicality, it too is a grand union (however, just not quite as epic as the wedding).  Now […]

Reet Grand – 2023 Opel Grandland SRi review

2023 Opel Grandland review NZ

New Zealand’s lowest-emissions car brand (with ICE and EV’s) Opel, have added another vehicle to their expanding line-up. It’s called the Grandland SRi and it’s an SUV that claims to be ‘for those that want everything’ – we wanted to spend a week with it and Opel NZ gladly obliged. The Grandland nameplate was first […]

Astra(eco)nomical – Opel Astra SRi review

2023 Opel Astra SRi review NZ

After having a bit of an OE break, the ever-popular Astra hatch is now back in NZ, only this time it comes with an Opel ‘blitz’ badge and a cabinet full of awards. It’s bold, it’s pure and Opel says that it’s autobahn-ready too – so best we found out what all the fuss is […]

Bold and Pure – The man behind Opel’s new design language

Mark Adams, Vice President Design Opel/Vauxhall

We talk to Mark Adams, Vice President Design Opel/Vauxhall about the new design direction he is taking German brand Opel in and why he’s so excited about it. Mark Adams started his career at Opel/Vauxhall in 2002 as head of exterior development for concept and production vehicles. His first project was the Insignia concept and […]

Plug-In Now for a Double EV Rebate

Opel Mokka-e review NZ

The EV price wars are well and truly on. In a groundbreaking move that is bound to attract eco-conscious Kiwi drivers, Opel New Zealand has announced its decision to double the Clean Car Rebate for buyers of new Opel Mokka-e electric vehicles (EVs). The German automaker is offering an astounding $17,250 discount, making the purchase […]

Hot and Cool – ICE Mokka SRi review

Opel Mokka SRi review NZ

Call me old fashioned if you like, but I do prefer certain things a certain way. For example, music should tell a story (and be 80’s), jeans suit most occasions and both tea and coffee must always be hot – or at least I thought so. Then Opel gave me their ICE’d Mokka to taste, […]

Canny wee compact – 2023 Opel Corsa SRi ICE review

2023 Opel Corsa SRi review NZ

Not only does canny mean smart and shrewdness but from where I’m from it means pleasant and nice too – or in other words, the new Opel Corsa. For not only has this 6th generation been crammed full of smart tech and clever driving aids, but it’s also as cute as a bright new button. […]

Caffeine hit – Opel Mokka-e review

Opel Mokka-e exterior NZ

With a cafe on virtually every corner and demands of a ‘double shot americano with almond mulk’ being commonplace, it’s plain to see that NZ has well and truly embraced the global coffee movement. This ‘addition’, combined with our desire for clean-energy powered SUVs should be reason enough for the new Opel Mokka-e to be […]