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Whooooaa it really shifts!

Hyundai i20 N New Zealand

Okay, so small hatches might not be the biggest segment in New Zealand but that’s where we often find some amazing cars that deserve more attention than they’re getting. One of these absolute gems on the smaller size is the Hyundai i20 hatch. You can only get it in one trim here and that’s exactly […]

Mighty yet mini – Hyundai i20N review NZ

Hyundai i20N review NZ

Compact hatchbacks, hot or otherwise are becoming increasingly rarer to spot on NZ roads and don’t get me started about manual gearboxes, so when a car company releases a new high-performance hatch that has a clutch and gear stick too, it had better be good – thankfully the new Hyundai i20N is really good, and […]

A New Dawn: 2022 Lexus UX300e Review

It was only a matter of time before Lexus would give us an all-electric offering of some kind. The brand has been going all-out in recent months and years with promoting their most fuel-efficient powertrains like their proven and capable hybrids. Now, with the UX300e, Lexus has their first plug-in BEV. Have they nailed it […]