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Porsche, we like Porsche right? It’s a company for proper petrolheads or at least it was until they started making sedans and SUVs like this Cayenne. But, make no mistake, Porsche is still a car enthusiast’s company and this new Cayenne proves exactly that.

First Impressions

Let me say, the Cayenne has grown like really grown! It is an enormous car and you feel that on the inside as well. This particular model is the ‘e-hybrid’ so it was littered with neon green badges to remind you of it’s eco-friendly status and it’s got big green calipers, who doesn’t love that! You can sort of tell that the Porsche passenger car range has got a certain look to it now, the rear is shared with the Panamera and the front with the Macan.

Big and Green on the Outside

Yes it may be large, very large actually but I’ve got no complaints with that. Sure, you do need to watch yourself on narrow roads but otherwise it means you have plenty of space in the cabin and you can assert your dominance over other non-Porsche SUV owners. Just kidding! It’s got massive wheels that generate a lot of road noise but the cabin is insulated so well that you can’t hear any of it. It’s big but looking at these photos, you can’t actually tell that, it’s got a sleek and uncluttered look to it.

Posh on the Inside

When one thinks of a Porsche, what comes to find is images of stripped out sportscars with roll cages and bucket seats. Well this isn’t like that at all, it is very comfortable on the inside. It is a posh Porsche. Unlike the previous models, there’s no sea of buttons in the middle, instead everything is now simply laid out. The screen is large and very user friendly and the Bose audio system is simply excellent. It’s even got two grab handles in the middle for when you feel adventurous.

Also, this particular model is the e-hybrid which means you can charge it from the wall or from the car’s engine. Here in New Zealand, our electricity comes from renewable sources as demonstrated above!

The Verdict

This new Cayenne is an excellent SUV, it’s 3.0 turbo V6 gives it plenty of punch and even though it’s littered with hybrid badges, it’s a proper SUV. An excellent all round car and even though it’s priced a bit steeply, it justifies that cost inside and out. Make no mistake about it, this is a proper Porsche.

The Porsche Cayenne gets a 10/10 from me, it manages to be a luxury SUV but still hold on to it’s Porsche DNA.

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