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Volvo have recently collaborated with niche New York based fragrance brand D.S & Durga to bring the smell of the Swedish outdoors into the homes of their customers across the globe. Together, the two brand have created ‘Swoodish’.

The name is derived from ‘Swedish’ and ‘Woods’, creating a balanced scent meant to invoke the “calming, grounding woods of beautiful Swedish forests”. Mimicking the purple tones of dusk in late summer. The scent is already on sale as of earlier this week.

Husband and wife duo behind D.S and Durga working on the 'Swoodish' candle for Volvo.
Husband-wife duo behind D.S and Durga working on ‘Swoodish’

D.S & Durga was founded by the husband-wife duo of David Seth Moltz and Kavi Ahuja Moltz, who’ve become known for their unconventional scents that “tell stories and evoke specific emotions or atmospheres.” The duo visited Gothenburg during the development of this scent and were enveloped by Swedish culture.

The ‘Swoodish’ candle can be purchased from the D.S and Durga website as well as online from Volvo. Part of the proceeds will go toward the Volvo For Life Fund that plants trees, restores forests and encourages biodiversity.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Volvo Cars Media.

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