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Feb ’21 Sets a New NZ Car Sales Record

As expected, utes continued to dominate the New Zealand new car sales figures for the month of Feb yet again! However, last month was a little different for two main reasons.

Firstly, February 2021 saw the largest number of new car registrations on record for the month of Feb in New Zealand’s history! 12,358 cars were registered last month, up 8% from last year.

Ford Ranger
The Ranger lost out to the Hilux last month

Secondly, the Toyota Hilux outsold the Ford Ranger for the first time in who knows when. This victory meant that Toyota had the biggest market share and most number of new cars sold for the month of Feb! Overall, Toyota’s share was first at 16% while Mitsubishi came in second with 13%.

Compact SUVs continue to dominate the market while medium SUVs came in second followed by utes! Nothing there to suggest that this year’s sales figures are going to be any different to that of the last one. Still, the evergreen Suzuki Swift continues to give hope to hatch owners.

Suzuki Swift
The Suzuki Swift was the only non-SUV/ute on the list.

The Numbers:

1- Toyota Hilux (786)

2- Mitsubishi Outlander (594)

3- Ford Ranger (542)

4- Mitsubishi Triton (468)

5- Kia Sportage (369)

6- Kia Seltos (361)

7- Mazda CX-5 (360)

8- Mitsubishi ASX (315)

9- Suzuki Swift (310)

10- Toyota RAV4 (283)

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Images sourced from Toyota Media, Ford Media and Suzuki Media. Words by Matthew D’souza.

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