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Cars are a necessity, they help a lot of people get to work and they are a means of work for some people. They are important to society for practicality, status and they are important to the economy as well but where do cabriolets fit in all of this? You never really need one!

Until now that is because the Merc C43 AMG cabriolet is one that you need and here’s why!

1- It is just beautiful

That word sums it up perfectly, it is just beautiful. The car got looks from nearly everyone who passed by when the top was up but even more so when the top was down. It’s strong flowing lines give the exterior a good combination of aggression and refinement. The C43 even got the nod of approval from a Ferrari 458 Speciale owner!

2- It is a proper Mercedes-Benz

This is the kind of interior that comes to mind when I think about Merc. Everything is finished to a very very high standard. There’s lots of soft leather, shiny aluminium and all the other luxurious touches that you’d want from a Merc. The attention to detail is superb and so is that Burmester sound system! Sure the rotary wheel takes a bit of getting used to but it’s nice because it means the screen won’t have greasy fingerprints on it all the time.

3- It has a mesmerizing exhaust note

I’m not often mesmerized by things but the exhaust note of this car had me under a spell. Even if the rest of the car was rubbish (which it isn’t at all), I’d have still loved it for the sound it makes. The bellowing sounds of the 3L twin turbo V6 was channeled through the sports exhaust in this case and what a noise it makes. If you are planning to get one, get the optional sports exhaust and make sure you have the car in sports+ mode for maximum enjoyment! Watch the video below to see what it sounds like.


So, the C43 AMG sounds nice, it looks pleasing to the eye and it’s the result of a fair bit of effort from the people who put it together. It is then, a piece of poetry but unlike a poem that just sits in a book, this one glides down roads and it brings smiles to everyone who witnesses it!

Cabriolets aren’t a need, they are a want and the C43 AMG cabrio is excellent at being an object of desire. This model came with a couple of options which brought the price up to $140k NZD but still, that isn’t a bad price when you consider the car you’re getting.

So if you’re having a ‘mid-life crisis’ at whatever age that may be, go and get one of these and the world will suddenly seem like a better place! Also, if you have a wig then have no fear because the ingenious design of the C43 means that the wind won’t be nicking your wig anytime soon.

The C43 AMG Cabriolet gets a 10/10 from me.

Thanks for reading!

Words and pictures by Matthew D’souza

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