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Haval Lotta Value: Haval H6 Ultra Review

If there is one brand out there which continues to surprise us in the specialist motoring press, it would have to be Haval. A few years ago, they were no real threat to the established order of Japanese SUVs, but the Chinese company have pulled their finger out and are inching ever closer to being […]

Electric Swede: Volvo XC40 PHEV Recharge Review

Everywhere you look, the shift to full electrification in Europe’s biggest premium car makers has, if you forgive the pun, accelerated dramatically. Many have announced they will cease to further develop internal combustion engines, or ICE, beyond the mid to end point of this decade. While a model range consisting only of EVs is still […]

One Spicy Meatball – Abarth 595 Competizione Review

Abarth 595 Competizione review NZ

To make the perfect Italian dish takes a mixture of loving ingredients, traditional cooking and a family recipe that’s been handed down through the ages, in many ways much the same as what has gone into creating the NZ new Abarth 595 Competizione.  Sure there’s no sun-dried tomatoes or extra virgin olive oil that’s been […]

Toyota Corolla Sedan review – Shape Shifter

Toyota Corolla Sedan Review NZ

The Toyota Corolla has been a stalwart of NZ roads for many a year, almost too many to count – ok it’s around thirty. Anyway, the Corolla’s styling, specifications (including modern tech) and affordability have ensured its popularity over its lifetime and the latest version, the twelfth since its original launch in 1966 by the […]

Blue Screen – 2020 SEAT Ateca FR review

SEAT Ateca review NZ

Ask anyone with even the slightest hint of computer literacy what a blue screen means to them and they’ll shudder as they regale tales of lost work and endless hours of frustration – not so when it comes to Spanish automaker giant SEAT. Oh no, SEAT has added these two infamous words into their 2020 […]

Mini Clubman JCW review – Mini and Mighty

Mini Clubman JCW Review NZ

The motoring public’s love of Mini literally began the moment it was unveiled by BMC in 1959. A darling of the 60s, the tiny yet ‘oh so practical’ car came at a time when fuel prices were high and skirts were short. It was an instant family favourite and most, if not all of us […]

5th Generation SEAT Ibiza – Small car, big personality

SEAT Ibiza review NZ

The Ibiza ‘supermini’ is Spanish car giant SEAT’s biggest selling vehicle. In fact, since its initial launch way back in 1984, SEAT has sold nigh-on 5.5million units of this model globally and yet, here in NZ both the brand and the small car itself, have yet to gain the full recognition they deserve. We thought […]

Mazda3 Review – Phhview

Mazda3 Hatch review NZ

Hand on heart, I can safely say that car launches are an amazing experience. Most Car companies go to great lengths to organise events that offer idyllic surroundings that match the vehicle they are introducing. Racetracks for Sportscars, off-road adventures for more utilitarian vehicles, I think you get the point. Earlier this year, Mazda took […]

All the small things – RAM 1500 Laramie review.

RAM 1500 Laramie Review New Zealand

Ok, so having the 5.82m Long, 2.02m wide and 1.92m tall RAM truck and ‘small’ the in the same title may seem rather ludicrous, however, it is, in fact, all the small things this big ute does that really make the difference. Let me begin by getting all the nitty-gritty’s out of the way. Built […]