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Lexus RC 200 F Sport is Lexus to a T – a 200t

Lexus’s (or is it Lexi) vehicles seem to be more ‘Sculpted’ than manufactured. Their lines and curves have more of artistry about them than pure automotive design. Yes they have been formed with ‘aerodynamics’ in mind but you get the sense that their image is more spawned from a group of creative types on a retreat somewhere obscure rather than a clinical design team working on a drawing board in a factory.

Spindle grille, fins, inlaid head and tail lights, plus angles – lots and lots of intricate angles that all lovingly come together to form a luxurious and prestigious Lexus. I was asked to take a look at one of their latest creations – The RC 200 F Sport – here is what I thought.

There is no doubt that this two door coupe has a sporty kerb appeal, from its masculine nose to its beefy tail it has an enthusiastic stance. My version came cloaked in White Nova High vibrant paint which under bright sunlight had shadows that accentuated the contours of the car. Its 19” Machine finished Aluminium sports shoes had slivers of rubber for tyres that gripped the corners admirably and its signature L shaped lighting seemingly confirms that you are in fact admiring a Lexus.


Lexus RC200tDark Rose leather floods the interior and the layout of the cabin cocoons all passengers but favours the Driver. (In truth there isn’t much room in the rear – I had 4 adults in there at one point and let’s say it was snug). Shimamoku subtle slips into the door cards while technology and design merge seamlessly across the dash and instrumentation panels. The RC 200t has a 7” display screen that is recessed into the centre dash and is controlled via a fingertip responsive touch panel.

Lexus RC200tThe Driver instrumentation information panel is a mixture of ‘old school’ dials and electronic wizardry and at the touch of a button on the leather steering wheel the large rev counter dial moves mechanically to the right to allow more digital information to be accessed – it’s all a little unnecessary but somewhat cool at the same time, and certainly a conversation point.

Under the bonnet sits a turbocharged 2L engine that produces figures such as 180kW, 350Nm of torque, and 0-100kph in 7.5 seconds. The power is quiet and smooth but not as ferocious as I was expecting (or hoped). There is a nice growl from the two exhaust tailpipes but I felt there could and should be more.

The 200t’s short wheel base made it a pleasure to handle and the ride in comfort is just that (even on the low profile rubber). You feel confident heading into corners at haste and it has plenty of braking power under foot. As expected it has your well being in mind too. It has lane departure warnings, parking assist, blind spot warning I could keep rattling them off plus cruise control for those long drives. Seating positioning was great and centre console arm resting felt natural and ‘correct’.

The RC 200t F Sport maybe one of the latest in the Lexus range and from a ‘Sport’ side of things they may have ventured away from the 5L’s and added a turbo but the Lexus DNA and style cues are there in droves. With its almost outrageous design and attention to quality and detail; it really is Lexus to a T.

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