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Eco Luxo Lex – Lexus RX350h Limited Review

Last year was a big year for Lexus, with the combined New Zealand dealer network selling a record 1309 units, vastly eclipsing the previous 2022 record of 1,023 cars. Lexus say 2024 is likely to be another great year for the brand. With the incoming introduction of Road User Chargers for BEVs and PHEV vehicles, […]

Lexus Electric Avenue – Lexus RZ450e Core Review

Arriving at a party first can be awkward at times. The social festivities don’t often quite get into full swing until a good chunk of the invited guests put in an appearance. Therefore, sometimes it is best to be “fashionably late” as you can assess how the other guests are and then you can swoop […]

Radiant EV in the NZ – Lexus RZ 450e review

Lexus RZ review NZ

The all-new Lexus RZ is an all-electric model spawned from the RX nameplate. According to Lexus it stands for ‘Radiant Z-axis/Zero’ which signifies being both ‘shining’ and ‘the axis along which values of z are measured’. But as baffling as this may sound, all you need to know is that it’s Lexus’s first electric vehicle […]

Luxury Express – 2022 Lexus LX500d Limited Review

Over the years, Lexus have been, little by little, moving the LX away from being less of a rebadged Toyota Land Cruiser, to a more bespoke luxury SUV. Fast forward to now, and the fourth generation LX is with us. While it is a bit of a dark horse in the family, the new LX500d […]

Duplex Lex – 2022 Lexus NX350h FWD/AWD Limited Review

The previous generation Lexus NX was certainly a half-decent car. However, despite having a number of good points, in some ways it didn’t really feel truly like a Lexus should. Let’s fast forward to what you see here, the new second generation Lexus NX and straight away I am happy to say there is much […]

Luxury Leviathan – 2022 Lexus LX500d F Sport Review

Dignified Sophistication. This is how Lexus refers to the latest incarnation of its largest SUV, the LX. Now into its fourth generation, the LX is very much a different beast to the ones before it. Petrol variants are now a thing of the past and the old V8 has also been laid out to pasture. […]

Lex Luthor – 2022 Lexus NX450h F-Sport PHEV Review

In the world of comic book villains, Lex Luthor is a formidable foe. His supreme intellect, wealth and access to a barrage of technical weapons and gadgets has kept Superman on his toes on more than one occasion. To keep Supes and his fellow Justice League members at bay, Lex Luthor must constantly upgrade his […]