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Great Scott, LEGO has gone back to the future

“They’ve built a DeLorean time machine out of LEGO” LEGO, in partnership with Universal Brand Development, has announced the brand new three-in-one reproduction of one of the most iconic movie vehicles of all time – the LEGO® Back to the Future Time Machine. Inspired by the DeLorean car seen in the time travelling adventure film […]

Haval Lotta Value: Haval H6 Ultra Review

If there is one brand out there which continues to surprise us in the specialist motoring press, it would have to be Haval. A few years ago, they were no real threat to the established order of Japanese SUVs, but the Chinese company have pulled their finger out and are inching ever closer to being […]

Citrus Sport: Subaru Forester X Sport Review

When I saw the new Subaru Forester X Sport for the first time, my first thought was something along the lines of “wow, that is a lot of orange.” The Forester in this guise has been with us for some time, so it was inevitable for Subaru to give it a mid-life refresh, though I […]

MG will now sell you a ute

MG is the newest entrant to the ute market with their Extender, essentially an LDV T60 underneath. And so MG’s revival continues.

Ford Mustang review and Experience – Time to Ride a Pony

Ford invited me to Newcastle in Australia to check out the new Ford Mustang. We would be getting behind the wheel of the entire range, fastbacks and convertibles, Manual and Autos, GT’s and 2.3’s – all the Pony’s in one stable – excellent. I have to admit that I went there not wanting to like […]

Lexus ES300H Review – Needle in a ‘H’ Stack

I had the chance to test drive the new Lexus ES300H and shhhh, I found it very quiet. So quiet in fact that I’m embarrassed to say that once I pushed the start button and nothing seemed to happen I ended up starting it again – damn hybrid cars always catch me out. On ignition […]

Hyundai Veloster Review – the VelociRAPTor

Anyone that has seen the Jurassic Park movies will ‘know’ that Velociraptors are nasty dinosaurs that are fast, cunning and have big sharp teeth. As they stand a mere 2M tall (5M length) so you may be mistaken for thinking that they are rather cute (in Dinosaur terms) but Spielberg has them portrayed as aggressive […]

Mazda3 SP25 – a Top Ad-Visor

People get their advice from many places, Banks, Brokers, Gym Instructors, Dietitians, Books and even magazines – it seems like everyone is out there lining up to offer up a little nugget of information that can be used to enhance your life. Mazda offer their information via a head up display. It’s a tiny visor […]

Ford Focus ST – Focus Group

A focus group is defined as a form of qualitative research. A group of (often specialised) people are asked for their opinions, thoughts and attitudes about a certain brand or product. I would assume they were busy as Ford ended up taking a bunch of us Auto Journalists to Melbourne to look at the new […]

Special Delivery pt 4 – Mercedes Hilton

Christchurch to Queenstown. Part 4 of the 5 part series taking the new E-Class Mercedes from Auckland to Dunedin, stopping at all the Hilton’s in NZ along the way. Here we see snow capped Southern Alps and i get to explain the amazing LED headlights on the E-Class. Subscribe now to keep updated