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What happens when life gives you Lemons?

Actually, the title should read ‘what happens when you register for 24 Hours of LeMon’s’ but it’s not as catchy.

As many of you car/racing nuts are probably aware, this weekend will be the 3rd 24 Hours of LeMon’s event for NZ and we (our team) will be there (Hampton Downs) with bells on – well plumbing pipe but that’s another story.

As with the good ol’ US of A, 24 Hours of LeMons is rapidly becoming a New Zealand institution. It’s a place for people to take the serious nature of Motorsport and add a big slice of fun. In essence, you grab a sub $1000 car (aka Lemon), make it safe, theme it and race it around a track for 24 hours (currently spread over two days).  It’s the thrill of Motorsport, without the hefty price tag.

Anyway, having just spent last weekend crawling over our lemon, I am happy to share a couple of tips:

First of all, don’t be too precious – if like me, you have a love of all things automotive and grow attached to cars very quickly, you will find it hard to drill holes in perfectly straight body panels or paint said paintwork with a can of ‘nearly the same colour’ paint. Try to bear in mind, that in reality, your (one step away from the scrap yard) Lemon is lucky to have you.

Secondly – the more outrageous (and ridiculous) your theme, the better your chance of actually winning a trophy. This is a race and it is (a form of) Motorsport, but I’ve seen thimbles bigger than the checkered flag cup! So theme people, theme.

C – Attention to detail. Make sure you get the basics of your car right. It’s going to (hopefully) spend a long time going round and round a track – make sure you double and triple check what makes your car go and stop.

Forth – Bribery. Despite what you may think when you see them, the management team and judges are human (barely; but they are) and as such can be bribed. All (ahem) proceeds go to a good cause – so take cash, lots of it.

Fifth – a helping hand is better than a whinge or a whine – Helpers get rewarded, whingers get shunned like rabid dogs – enough said

And last but not least – buy duct tape, lots of it. It is the essential, cure all for the weekend.

There is plenty more to tell – but we need a competitive edge (believe me).

So what happens when life gives you Lemons – You Duct tape the hell out of it!

See you on the track this weekend – fingers crossed.

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