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Wagons Roll – Toyota Corolla Wagon GX Hybrid Review

When it comes to a daily driver, I don’t need something that launches from 0 to 100 in a fraction of a second or produces a million kW per tonne etc. However, it must have plenty of space and relatively inexpensive to maintain and run. This is probably why I drive a 2004 Toyota Caldina […]

Revamped Rolla – Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid Review

It came as no surprise when the news broke that Toyota planned to offer the iconic Corolla only as a hybrid. With a surge in Hybrid sales and their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, the only way Toyota New Zealand will now sell you a Corolla with a solely petrol power train, is by […]

Better Late Than Never – Toyota GR Supra Manual Review

You know when something is good, but you can’t help but think it lacks something that will make it even better? Maybe that curry needed just a few extra chilis, or that G n T required a twist of lime to make it perfect? When Toyota launched the GR Supra, we all thought it was […]

GR8 Expectations – Toyota GR86 Review

I can remember when Toyota first lifted the lid on the Toyota 86. We didn’t get it here until around 2012 but boy was there a lot of hype. Here was a sports car made to bring back the fun to Toyota. Not to mention conjure up flashbacks of classic AE86 Levins and Turenos drifting […]

Shut the Barn Door! – Toyota Hiace ZR Barn Door

It is very hard for a carmaker to have a proper grip on the market without having competitive offerings in the work vehicle segment, and the Hiace has been one of those for years running. Now with the new barn door layout, it should make for an easier more versatile work vehicle, despite the generous […]

In-Betweener: 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport Hybrid Review

Front three quarters view of a 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport in white and black.

Despite it only being two years since the Toyota Yaris Cross went on sale in New Zealand (three internationally), it already feels like an aged product. As a general assumption, I suspect this sort of thing will happen even more frequently as cars and technology become more intertwined but I digress. Returning to the topic […]

Feeling Cross – Toyota Corolla Cross Limited AWD Review

For some time, Toyota have been getting very cross with their own range. By “cross” of course I don’t mean seething with anger at their own models, but by adding crossover SUV variants of their already immensely popular superminis and family hatchbacks. You only need look at the likes of the C-HR and recent Yaris […]

Great wide open – Toyota Hilux 4WD SR5 Cruiser Wide Track review

Toyota Hilux 4WD SR5 Cruiser Wide Track review NZ

Into the great wide open, is a song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It’s the story of a guy named Eddie who moves to Los Angeles, meets a girl and becomes a rock star. It’s a rune about life’s struggles but that there’s always possibility, as the ‘future is wide open’. Why am I […]