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Audi ImmeRSion – Audi RS Track Experience

Audi NZ RS track experience

According to Audi NZ it’s no accident that down here in our little slice of blue planet paradise, RS model sales are the best in the world – it’s all down to their 360-degree marketing (that and great cars of course). For over and above the marketing, Audi NZ immerse RS customers and potential customers […]

5 things you can do with Lemons

24 hours of LeMon NZ

As a tarty fruit, Lemons offer a wide variety offer sharpness and texture to baking, meals and drinks. However, this lovable yellow can also help you out of a rind (sorry bind), get rid of unwanted guests and more importantly, can make you a motorsport megastar.   Become ageless Use a lemon to whip up […]

Nifty fifty – Mercedes-Benz A250 Review

Mercedes-Benz A250 Review New Zealand

Mercedes-Benz A250 Review New Zealand When I was younger (yes I can still remember that far back), fifty seemed to be an ancient age, ‘old and past it’ if I can recall. However, as my half-century came (and then went), terminologies such as ‘you’re only as old as you feel’ or ‘age is a state […]

Ferrari 488 Challenge – it’s big, really BIG.

Ferrari 488 Challenge at Hampton Downs New Zealand punches above its weight in so many sports, Boxing, Rugby (of course), Cricket, Netball, Sailing and Motorsport to name but a few. However, aside from a particular chosen few, our venues still have a lot to be desired. We are seldom on the list of ‘must see’ […]

That last ‘kin bolt!

24 Hours of LeMons NZ

24 hours of LeMons New Zealand Approaching our third 24 Hour LeMons event we thought we had it nailed. Our car, a pristine (cough) ’91 Toyota Celica with awesome pop-up headlights, had been given a bit of a once-over by our genius mechanic (he actually really is) and was even treated to a brand spanking […]

What happens when life gives you Lemons?

Actually, the title should read ‘what happens when you register for 24 Hours of LeMon’s’ but it’s not as catchy. As many of you car/racing nuts are probably aware, this weekend will be the 3rd 24 Hours of LeMon’s event for NZ and we (our team) will be there (Hampton Downs) with bells on – […]

Honda Civic Type-R – True XTC

It has be said (rather cruelly), that the best thing to come out of Swindon is the M4 (motorway). However, as I in fact hail from said city, (or is that sad city – I jest), this should be proof enough that this is not true. On top of this, we have the ‘Magic Roundabout’ […]

BMW M760Li Review – Twelve Gauge, not a bore.

BMW M760Li Review New Zealand In firearms terms, Gauge is a fraction measurement. It originated way back when you would buy lead by the ‘pound’ to make your own ammo, therefore ‘gauge’ tells you how many rounds (bullets) you can make from one pound of lead. So, ‘12 gauge’ is twelve equal sized lead balls […]