That last ‘kin bolt!

24 Hours of LeMons NZ

24 hours of LeMons New Zealand Approaching our third 24 Hour LeMons event we thought we had it nailed. Our car, a pristine (cough) ’91 Toyota Celica with awesome pop-up headlights, had been given a bit of a once-over by our genius mechanic (he actually really is) and was even treated to a brand spanking […]

What happens when life gives you Lemons?

Actually, the title should read ‘what happens when you register for 24 Hours of LeMon’s’ but it’s not as catchy. As many of you car/racing nuts are probably aware, this weekend will be the 3rd 24 Hours of LeMon’s event for NZ and we (our team) will be there (Hampton Downs) with bells on – […]

Honda Civic Type-R – True XTC

It has be said (rather cruelly), that the best thing to come out of Swindon is the M4 (motorway). However, as I in fact hail from said city, (or is that sad city – I jest), this should be proof enough that this is not true. On top of this, we have the ‘Magic Roundabout’ […]

Hamptons GT Membership

‘If you’re a golfer you join a Golf Club – we don’t like golf’ It was such a succinct analogy, summing up the Hampton Downs GT membership so perfectly that it could have come from the racetrack owner Tony Quinn himself (without the Scottish brogue or the hint of expletives of course). As the membership […]

The Aventador S by Lamborghini – Italian Masterpiece

It’s not that hard to define a masterpiece, albeit a painting, a literary piece, a culinary delight, a song, even a play or opera. In simplistic terms; a masterpiece is essentially a most outstanding piece of work that you become so engrossed with that you actually forget the artist that created it. It’s the Triumph […]

The Lap of luxury – Lexus Summer of Performance

Lexus may have a well established reputation of being a luxury car brand but (just in case you didn’t know) they have deep-seated roots in Motorsport too – namely F Sport. To underline their commitment to customers (and probably to have a bit of fun too) Lexus hold regular client days at the track as […]

101+ reasons to see the Hampton 101’s

I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Hampton Downs 101 last weekend, as a guest and as a reporter – each had their individual merits and yet both were outstanding. This is the first time the Australian GT’s have been on NZ’s NI soil and with ten manufacturers represented (AMG, Ferrari, Audi, Aston, Nissan, […]

Toyota Corolla Hybrid – Endurance Pace

Without getting too philosophical, (provided your health stays in relatively good working order) Life is an Endurance event. You hopefully have a respectable amount of years on the planet, time to enjoy the seasons of change from child to youth, youth to adult and adult to retirement. You’ll own things, make friends, and maybe have […]

Highlands Motorsport Park – in slow mo

Got to ride shotgun around Highlands Motorsport Park in the New Mercedes-Benz E-Class. had to deliver it in one piece so not a fast drive (alloys don’t like ripple strips). But good chance to chat about New Zealand’s longest race track. Subscribe now to keep updated Thanks for the video edit Nile