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BMW‘s hot 1 series has just undergone some major upgrades and is now even better than before! Improved handling and more power headline the list.

Side view of the new BMW M135i in Sao Paulo yellow
A huge amount of performance upgrades make this a very sporty hot hatch

The 2 litre four cylinder TwinPower turbo engine now puts out 225kW (306bhp) which goes to all four wheels via BMW’s X-drive technology. The improved chassis up front ensures the engine is better mounted to deliver a driving experience that will push the limits on the track and in the corners.

And with a combined WLTP fuel efficiency rating of 7.3-7.8 litres per 100km, it makes for a sizable improvement at the pump as well.

Rear three quarters view of the new BMW M135i in Sao Paulo yellow
More camber, better brakes and then some!

The new M135i is not just faster in a straight line, it’s also quicker when the road gets twisty! The camber at the front has been optimised to take on more lateral forces so that you can corner better. The suspensions arms, springs and damping have also been tweaked so that the car not only feels better on the road but also in the steering feel. A mechanical limited slip differential integrated with the gearbox plus better brakes complete the performance upgrades to the new model.

The exhaust now produces a more entertaining noise than before, it is also piped in through the audio system. The cold start sound has been specially tweaked for this new model as well!

Interior of the new BMW M135i
Brighter both inside and out!

A new suite of bold colours is the final addition to this revised M135i with customers now able to place special requests for certain shades as well. The paint shop at the BMW Plant in Leipzig has also been upgraded with new employees added to guarantee the company’s ability to make these unique colours a reality! The car pictured above is finished in Sao Paulo Yellow with Frozen Orange metallic and Frozen Pure Grey adding to the colour choices for the new model.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of BMW PressClub Global.

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