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Skoda has made their first appearance in the Gran Turismo video game franchise and they have started with a bang! Developed for the game’s vision category, Skoda Vision Gran Turismo demonstrates the brand’s commitment to innovation and realizes an aim to introduce Skoda to new target groups.

A virtual rolling photo of the Skoda Vision Gran Turismo taken on Gran Turismo 7.
Skoda Vision GT is an homage to the 1100 OH Spider Le Mans racecar

Skoda Vision GT is an homage to the Skoda 1100 OH Spider that was designed to compete in Le Mans in 1957. At the same time, the Vision GT combines this heritage with the brand’s modern design language including ‘T-shaped’ headlights and matte Explorer Green paint. Skoda Vision GT uses four electric motors to produce 800kW and a whopping 1020Nm.

An in-game photo of two Skoda Vision GTs racing side by side. Taken on Gran Turismo 7.
Vision GT will introduce Skoda to a whole new generation of fans!

Skoda are no strangers to motorsport with the brand’s history in the field going back 120 years! As such, the Vision GT served as an excellent introduction for the Czech brand into the digital world of e-racing.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Skoda Storyboard Press.

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