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More sedate and sustainable sedan – BMW i4 eDrive35 review

BMW i4 eDrive35 review

BMW New Zealand has stepped up its game in the fully electric sedan market with the introduction of the new i4 eDrive35. It may sit at the entry gates of the model range, but it’s anything but ‘basic’. The new i4 eDrive35 is built on the fifth generation BMW eDrive technology (electric motors, power electronics, […]

Mr T wants his van back – BMW XM Label Red review

BMW XM Label Red review NZ

There has been a seemingly endless stream of fun being poked at BMW’s most powerful M-Sport creation, the XM SUV. From its polarising design to whether a PHEV should wear an M-badge. But I’m here to say that despite its A-Team van looking profile, the BMW XM Label Red is quite simply, outstanding. Limited to […]

Dynamic Duel – The new BMW M2, feat. the OG M2

Just in case you managed to avoid me talking about this, I’m a happy owner of a first gen BMW M2. It’s an awesome car and I won’t shut up about it, and will definitely use that in my favour if it means a bit more seat time when  its new gen has just been […]

Hi5 – BMW i5 M60 all-electric sedan first drive

BMW i5 review NZ

The fully electric variant of the 8th generation BMW 5 series has arrived in NZ and it’s a cracker. It leans on the heritage and roots of the groundbreaking 1972 original E12 and yet embraces all the modernity, finesse and sustainability that the brand has to offer. We headed to the stunning and picturesque Millbrook […]

15th time’s the charm – I imported a BMW M2 from Japan

If you are one of those avid readers that will go to the end of our articles and read our bios, you might have seen that I mentioned in mine that in 5 years in New Zealand, I have owned 14 cars. While it might seem a bit excessive to someone that doesn’t share this […]

Xtra-large and Xtravagant – BMW X7 M60i xDrive full review

BMW X7 M60i xDrive review NZ

Big, bold and beasty, are just a few of the words that can sum up the new, ‘refreshed’ X7, but it’s somehow elegant too. BMW’s mammoth 7-seater has a new face and increased technology taking its extravagance to the Xtreme. In what is rapidly becoming an over-congested world,     space     is becoming […]

Guilt-free decadence – BMW i7 xDrive60 review

BMW i7 xDrive60 review NZ

The BMW 7-Series has essentially been the German premium automaker’s benchmark luxury nameplate from the moment it first rolled off the production line in ‘77. It’s often been the model that showcases the latest in technology and innovation, is the ultimate in comfort and above all, simply oozes upmarket desirability. So how do you improve […]