The BMW iX3 is magic

BMW iX3 Review NZ

Set in the heart of Wiltshire England lies a little town called Swindon. It’s not overly famous for much, Diana Dors was born there, so too XTC (I hail from there as well), however, as many Brits will tell you ‘Swindon, that place with the Magic Roundabout.’ And it was there that my test of […]

Why the 2021 BMW M3 Competition is ‘Essential’

2021 BMW M3 Competition

The world is a funny place at the moment, full of uncertainty and direction, so it was a nice respite when BMW New Zealand offered us the latest iteration of their sporty staple the M3 Competition to review – and then NZ immediately went into level 4 lockdown. Born out of the desire to enter […]

Plug In Player: BMW X5 xDrive45e Review

Confession time. Up until recently, I had never ever driven a BMW X5. Over the years scribbling about cars and attempting to string together amusing and informative anecdotes about why I liked or didn’t like a particular model, a test of an X5 always proved elusive. This is strange in itself, as it has been […]

Sleeper Beauty: BMW M550i Pure Review

There is something really cool about a sleeper car. What is a sleeper you might ask? It is a car which looks unassuming on the outside but within beats the heart of very different animal. In cinema terms, it’s like combining the looks of Eddie Redmayne with the outrageous acting energy of a young Jim […]

Grilles and thrills at BMW M-Town NZ


There is a sense in my mind that the world has gone PC crazy. We seem to be moving towards a vanilla, bland form of utopia where ‘offence’ is quickly taken, protests are the norm and heaven forbid you should ever voice an opinion. We appear to be working towards ‘we’re all winners’ society with […]

BMW M440i Review: Beauty or a Beast?

Yes, it’s that grill. A quick probe of the memory banks has resulted in the conclusion of few car design updates in recent years creating the same level of division with car fanatics than BMW’s new look nose. Some think the design is amazing and wouldn’t have it any other way, others will promptly run […]

NZ’s wait for BMW iX almost over


FIRST-EVER BMW iX TO LAUNCH IN NEW ZEALAND IN Q4 2021 WITH xDrive40 & xDrive50 VARIANTS. The first-ever BMW iX, which is currently undergoing its final phase of series development, will arrive in New Zealand in Q4 this year with two model variants – the iX xDrive40 and BMW iX xDrive50. The new BMW iX […]