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BMW Acquires Alpina After 60 Years of Partnership

For over 60 years, BMW and Alpina, a small tuning outfit out of Buchloe on the outskirts of Munich have worked together very closely. The two firms’ long standing partnership agreement ends in 2025 after which BMW Group will acquire Alpina.

Unfortunately, the current focus on emissions, electromobility and safety technology poses huge risks for small series manufacturers. As such, the move was made to secure Alpina’s future as a brand. This sadly isn’t the first instance of small series manufacturers selling out to protect their future as we saw similar news come out of Lotus in recent times. One can expect more of this to come as smaller brands either sell out or shut down.

Now for some good news, Alpina will still supply service, parts and accessories for all of their existing as well historic vehicles. Furthermore, BMW will not only maintain the company’s existing home in Buchloe but will focus on expanding it as well!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza. Photo courtesy of BMW PressClub Global.

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