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Audi TT – Digitally Remastered

Like most people for many years I have considered the Audi TT to be a bit of a ‘fairer sex’ car, used by drivers that will happily style your hair or maybe at a push; sell you a house but certainly not build one. Now, after spending the weekend with the 2015 TT, I think I’ve changed my view of the pocket rocket.

audi-2015-tt-boatsIts new looks have been taken from the R8, Iron man xenon plus headlights and the Audi badge has moved to the bonnet. The longer wheelbase and subtle flairs gives the TT a greater sense of butchness but It’s the interior that has really got me hooked.

audi-2015-tt-interior-wheelsBeing a 2+2 the TT is obviously not the largest of cars but somehow Audi have managed to give both Driver and passenger room to breathe. Not ‘Tardis’ large but certainly not as cramped as other compact sports cars in the same class. Most of the roomy appearance has been achieved by clever minimisation, things like the air con and heated seats are part of the air vents rather than cluttering up the dash.  Clunky CD/Radio fascias are replaced by one small button or by delving into the menu via the control dial or steering wheel buttons.

audi-2015-tt-interiorThe normal central ‘all seeing’ stuck on or integrated screen has been removed completely, instead all communication is displayed via the Audi Virtual Cockpit – which all sounds very impressive and it actually is. It’s a 12” digital screen that replaces the analogue instrument dials behind the steering wheel. At a touch of a button the speedo and revs are minimised and up comes the Navigation Plus information, or the MMI radio details, or the car dynamics, or the phone. It’s simple, easy to use, practical and very clear with its 1440×540 pixel display.

audi-2015-tt-interior-steering-wheelRide wise, the front wheel drive TT ticks the boxes. It’s firm but not exhaustively, of course I found myself fixed in the ‘Dynamic’ setting using the paddle shift more than I normally would – probably because it added an extra bit of fun to the drive (not that it needed it). 0-100 takes a shade under 6 seconds and the 2L engine delivers 370Nm of torque with a top speed of 250kph.

audi-wing-tt-20156It’s a car that delivers a great driving experience both in the city and on the open road and like the quirky 2 thumps of a ‘heartbeat’ sound as you exit the car, in just two days the re-mastered TT S-line justifiably won my admiration.

Great pics Tez

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