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McLaren Elva to enter production

McLaren Elva

Luxury supercar manufacturer McLaren Automotive will shortly commence production of the windscreen version of its Elva roadster. Designed for customers who prefer to have a physical screen rather than the barrier of air provided by the Active Air Management System (AAMS), as well as to meet local legal requirements in some states in the USA, […]

SV ‘Aha’ day – Jaguar/Land Rover NZ


Jaguar/Land Rover New Zealand invited us to experience their SV day at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, it’s an action packed event with plenty of thrills AND I learnt some stuff too!  In Steve Kenchington (CEO Motorcorp) own words “SV day is about enjoying some of the high-performance vehicles that we have on offer. It’s a […]

Sleeper Beauty: BMW M550i Pure Review

There is something really cool about a sleeper car. What is a sleeper you might ask? It is a car which looks unassuming on the outside but within beats the heart of very different animal. In cinema terms, it’s like combining the looks of Eddie Redmayne with the outrageous acting energy of a young Jim […]

More power and more Carbon – Range Rover Sport SVR Carbon Edition review

Range Rover Sport SVR Carbon Edition review NZ

Initially codenamed the ‘Range Stormer’ the Range Rover Sport thrust its way onto the world stage around 2005 and hasn’t looked back since. Two generations and a few facelifts later (for the SUV not me) Land Rover NZ threw me the keys to their latest and greatest version, the SVR Carbon Edition and I’m still […]

Watching the defectives – Nextbase 322GW dashcam review

Nextbase 322GW Webcam

One of the joys about reviewing cars is the fact that I get behind the wheel of a new and different vehicle more or less every week. One of the downsides (for which there are very few) is that every time I take to the road in a car, ute or truck there’s someone there […]

Vivaro-e HYDROGEN – 249 mile range and rapid three minute refuelling

PHEV Vivaro

Unveiled today, Vauxhall’s new zero emissions Vivaro-e HYDROGEN light commercial vehicle has a range of up to 249 miles, refuels in just three minutes and a cargo volume up to 6.1m3, the same as the diesel or battery electric versions. Vauxhall is actively speaking to business customers in the UK about hydrogen fuel cell and […]